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The best big brother :)

Calm, gentle and sweet, the Leonberger excels as a multi-purpose working dog, but its most important task is being a reliable family companion. They are friendly dogs that are willing to please, making them excellent therapy dogs. Despite the breed’s lion-like looks and large size, the Leonberger is actually quite light on its feet and graceful in motion. They can be red, reddish brown, sandy, or yellow brown and always has a black mask.

Leonberger as a puppy. Looks like our younger leonberger lady, Iita.

At dawn we attack! Horse and rider? (Chihuahua and monster dog!)

Leonberger and Bernese Mountain Dog BFF --- Oh my sweet baby JESUS!!!!! My two favorite dogs EVER TOGETHER! :D

FYI, there is an aquarium where you can shake hands with otters.

Cat scratching post DJ table. Make your cat look ridiculous while he scratches out some sick jams.

Chowski - OMG - go follow @simbathechowski on Instagram and you will melt instantly!

Chow Chow meet Siberian Husky = Chowsky. I WANT ONE OF THESE SO BADLY.

miniture pig photos | Pennywell Farm Mini Pigs › Zuza Fun

Mini pig

Two Photos Of A Bunny Taking Care Of Mini Pigs That Will Instantly Put You In A Better Mood Unless You Don’t Have A Soul

Hali mini pig

Charming Mini Pigs - Mini Pig Breeders, Micro Mini Pig, Mini Pigs For Sale

Marilyn Mini pig was caught driving mom's convertible..again

Oink, Oink, Mini Pigs! No thank you.Don't really care for carnitas ;)

Kune Kune Mini Pig~ a mini pig will be our next family pet!!

Spirit Bear or Kermode bear (Ursus americanus kermodei)

Great Bear Rainforest - Sibling spirit bear cubs patiently wait for their mother to catch a salmon.

spirit bears - Google Search