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Free, Sports Ecard: Southern girls know their religions: Baptist, Methodist, & College Football.

Top Apps Every College Girl Should Have

Top Apps That Every College Student Should Have

This is how anxiety is affecting your health.

How Anxiety Affects Your Health (INFOGRAPHIC) Chronic stress and anxiety can wreak havoc on your physical health. Here's a glance at the effects and what you can do about it. Explains why don't remember


Well, I'm definitely forgetting to appreciate anything except my little man these days. I actually hope a lot of different for me this time next year - like, maybe I'll actually be happy again.

50 ways to take a break #College #Life #Tips

LOOK: 50 Ways To Take A Break, And The Essential First Step Of Remembering

50 Ways to Take a Break -- Stress is as much of a factor in health as nutrition and fitness. De-stress this weekend!

Scorpio woman

Omg Hetty this couldn't b any more untrue! Scorpios do get detached! A lotttt

i can't keep calm because i have anxiety

I Can't Keep Calm

Buying a bunch of saying shirts for my night time sleep wear The perfect shirt for me! Polite As Shit by ThugLifeShirts on Etsy