Irish lace is"built up"by crocheting various motifs separately and then crocheting all the lil crocheted pieces & parts together. Sooo lovely. Antique Irish lace crochet, circa 1850

Accessory set | Irish | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

♒ Encohanting Embroidery ♒ embroidered book cover - facile cecile

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Embroidery Floss - this is so cute! Much, much better than cardboard floss cards.

Mrs. Jones: Organizing Embroidery Floss

I love doilies and people do not use them much these days. I recognize patterns my mother and I have crocheted in this pic. Awesome photo.

Fine Little Day

Georgette Benisky. Wow ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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crochet - freeform scrumbles -- I've been wanting to learn to freeform crochet for a while now

Aventures Textiles


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Meredith Woolnough’s Embroideries Mimic Delicate Forms of Nature

Meredith Woolnough’s Embroideries Mimic Delicate Forms of Nature

Nancy Nicholson

Textile Design and Designer`s Platform

'Its whats Inside that Counts' painted/hand embroidered artwork by Liz Payne. @lizlpayne on Instagram

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sashiko scarf


Machine embroidery using dissolvable fabric

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Galerie LL-13 | Atelier Lange Nadel

Galerie LL-13

Embroidery on Linen

A Garden in Lindved

How to Make Artful Lavender Eye Pillows with Glue Batik Art

Make Lavender Eye Pillows with Glue Batik Art

Textile Museum of Canada's Islamic African textile artifacts


Laurel says:i can supply the pillow form (less bulky to send :) in any color or print fabric or thread for the flower design. NO roses please (I hate them)

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Giant Life-Like Moths And Butterflies Made Of Embroidered Fabric by Yumi Okita

... - a grouped images picture

Incredible how different a motif can look when worked in different embroidery stitches! These are all based on the same shape. Amazing variety.

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Basic Embroidery Stitches – Needle’

EMBROIDERY STITCH SAMPLER - Embroidery Designs les.worpress

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Fabric sculpture Large Turquoise Moth textile art by irohandbags

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Mandy Pattullo

Thread and Thrift

This is EMBROIDERY not a photography. Amazing. By Linda Behar

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