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Suzanne Landis

Suzanne Landis
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How To Clean Bathtub Jets with Basic Household Ingredients

Cast-iron bathtubs and sinks are a common fixture in older homes, and now we're seeing them pop up in many newer remodels because of their unique vintage charm

Jigsaw pairs - print off & laminate so you can reuse.   - lower/upper case letter matching, math sums, test revision question & answers, antonyms, synonyms

There are so many things you could do with these! Here's a few ideas: - compound words, lower case/upper case letter matching - sight words - antonyms - synonyms - math sums - shape names & pictures -

Teaching Blog Addict: Pete the Cat Ten Frame-use w/ buttons (new book)

FREE: If you are already familiar with the Pete the Cat series here's a math freebie you can use with actual buttons - it's a set of 10 frames, 5 frames, and double 10 frames. LOVE Pete the Cat!

Addition Cups made from foam sheets and craft sticks.

Math - Addition Cups made from foam sheets and craft sticks. It makes a fun math game. **Could do something similar with place value for high grades!