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classroomcollective: Weekly To Do List Get the complete #organization #planner #kit by Erin Rippy at

classroomcollective: Weekly To Do List Get the...

You know it's true when your loved ones send this to you to pin!

Snapdragon | Beauty

I can't stand lazy people...especially lazy people that give up...funny thing is once the lazy person is gone...u realize how little they actually did and how much better off u are without them.

Life Lesson of the Day | The Best Article Every Day

Gorgeous giclee print by Karen Jones Lee

Yes, Mrs. Smith, it IS my fault and I should lose my job because YOUR child has never read a book at home and plays video games until 3am on school nights ... Said NO teacher EVER! ......... I just made this one on someecards :-)

Cute ways to give money gifts, from Poppy's Money Tree House: Clever Graduation Gift Ideas

Poppy's Money Tree House: Clever Graduation Gift Ideas

Dave Ramsey's Seven Baby Steps | Atwell Adventures

31 days – fall 2013 – goal setting


Mixing words up…

how I feel about my coffee time

  • Sweet Bites, Ms.
    Sweet Bites, Ms.

    Me too

Truer words have never been spoken. I could be big again so easily. It's scary. I always wished to be thin before thinking I'd NEVER let myself get big again if I could start over. Well, it's not any easier to avoid my addiction thinner than it was heavier. I could be big again so scares me.

Your lies & leading me on have destroyed all the happy memories I once had of you. I feel like everything was a lie I was a sucker to

Lies, Deceit & Betrayals or Choosing Well

I can not and will not tolerate being lied to,that is so my pet peeve! I'd rather kiss a moose's butt,than to waste my precious time with a liar! Also if I catch you lying to me,you are so out of my life!

If you have anything to tell me please be honest!! It hurts when you find out people are talking bad about you behind your back. I will never talk bad about you guys or judge you cause you are ALL amazing and beautiful/handsome no matter what people say! I love you guys!!! xxx :) if you ever need a friend I'm here for you! xxx :)

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what i don't understand is how a person can tell you so many lies and never feel bad about it

Break Up Quotes | break-up-quotes_103948386_5.jpg

Emo Break Up Quotes www.emolovewallpa...

Emo Love Wallpapers: Emo Break Up Quotes

Break up quote

If you break a best make up for it. If you don't then your word is crap - T.G.

Sad Love Quotes

breaking up quotes | giving-up-quotes-break-up-quotes-pictures-pics.jpg

There Is A Diffence

Get rid of negative energy

I still need to learn this...

Step up or step out.

Dr. Steve Maraboli

the secret of maxi skirts!

Start to finish kids plate. Work your way through dinner to uncover the treat at the end. Genius!

Start to Finish Kids Plate