Partial letters filled in(P,R &A) Cafe Cartolina: Vintage ephemera - from the Café archives

Floyds barbershop

The logo describes the barbershop with the scissors. Also like the visual play between the loop in the scissors and the loopyness of the F.

Lisa Hedge / Ensemble Studio

Hope to build a typeface around this letterform, left over from an identity project and I worked on this past summer.

hand lettering by karli ingersoll

hat tag

hand lettering by karli ingersoll - logo - logo design - branding - logo mark - illustration - hand lettering

Slamsey’s Fruit Gins

Slamsey's "Fruit Gins - Packaging" -This design work was created by B Studio.

Liz Stavrinides

/ counter-print graphic design \\\ lettering \\\ Liz Stavrinides Pet Photographer Logo, Branding and Identity Design