Outstandingly original, convenient and comfortable, Trailer Hitch Hammock hooks to the back of your pickup to provide instant outdoor luxury. The 250-pound capacity suspended chairs even come with their very own suspended foot ottoman and are sure to attract the odd envious glance from lesser-prepared and less comfortable fellow campers or fisherman

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Breakfast nook with awesome under-the-seats drawers. I think a combination this, drawers on the backs of the seats, and lift-up seating storage would be awesome and still fit our small dimensions, as this would be pulled too far out into the kitchen to make it comfortable.

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Bliss Hammocks 2-person Gravity Free Recliner with Pillow http://www.qvc.com/Bliss-Hammocks-2-person-Gravity-Free-Recliner-with-Pillow.product.M26458.html?refType=IOFFER&refNumber=M28793&sc=M26458-DTLR&cm_sp=UPSELL-_-IOFFER-_-2&relType=IOFFER&refLocation=2

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RV Mods: Storage. Add-A-Drawer. Add-A-Shelf. Dish Drainer. Repurpose. Alka-Seltzer. Digital Printers. Mary, Queen of Scots. Doctors.

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