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...And The Flowers...

Photos of flowers, more close-ups than others, and more passion flowers (my favorites) than others. Long-range views and view of multiple flowers and fields are in "Flora, Fauna, & Vistas." Gardening per se is in either "Home, Outdoor" or "Tips, Gardening"; "Yard Art" also has a board.

...And The Flowers...

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"How to Make a Football Out of Flowers" -- Click through for a short video tutorial.

How to Make a Football Out of Flowers | eHow

"Peony Heaven" -- Click through for many, many gorgeous close-up shots of the peonies you can see in the far-off shot here of the 2011 open house at Swenson Gardens (www.swensongarden...), in Howard Lake, Minnesota.

Peony Heaven - Patina General

"'The Voracity' is a collaborative project by photographer Anna Williams and a large network of stylists and art directors. Each narrative serves as a creative testing ground for the large-scale productions Anna shoots for her regular commercial clients." -- Alas, I did not find this gorgeous passion flower on Anna Williams's site (, but did find it here: www.thevoracity.c... as "Temperance" in the "Bloom Tarot" article.

"What are you making!? Turkey flowers." -- Click through for photos of the process of making this arrangement that wasn't supposed to be a turkey.

What are you making!? Turkey flowers.

"3-in-1 Butterfly Bush - Buddleia - at Michigan Bulb" -- Botanical Name: Buddleia davidii 3-N-1, deciduous woody shrub, partial shade/full sun - out of stock at the click-through. Stunning!!

3-in-1 Butterfly Bush - Buddleia - at Michigan Bulb

"Red White and Blue Flower," by Stanley Zimny, via Flickr -- No further information given, but I'd love to know what this is!

"Lilacs (seringen) for you" from "ingthings"

This African Iris is blooming today (20140419) on my patio. Happy Spring!

There are prettier photos of red passion flowers out there and there are prettier red passion flowers, too, but this one has the advantage of having been taken in my garden. Spring has sprung here... at least in some places.

"Passion Flower Triloba (Passiflora triloba)" -- Unusual passion flower for sale at click-through.

"red trillium," by jaros 2(Ron), via Flickr -- No further information given, but click through for a photostream of gorgeous red trillium shots. -- I love that you can see the pollen on this one.

"star magnolia," by The New York Botanical Garden, via Flickr -- Magnoila stellata

"Star Magnolia," by FragmentaryBlue, via Flickr -- From the tree in the photographer's year.


"Inside the Paul Ecke Poinsettia Ranch: Meet Ice Punch™, a striking award-winning poinsettia that was the 2008 beauty queen of poinsettias. A fabulous example of a poinsettia with a patterned bract, this cultivar features cranberry and frosty white coloring."

"The End of the Season," by Gerry Morgan, via Flickr. Saguaro flower season in the Arizona desert. Click through to read more about the saguaro fruit.

"Different colors of chrysanthemums Chrysanthemum x morifolium," by Jebulon

"Glowing Red," by Wild-Soul via deviantART -- Passionflower, likely Passiflora vitifolia.

"Nature as Artist," by Wild-Soul on deviantART -- Passionflower

"Naranja [Orange]," by Alejandro Ferrer Ruiz, via 500px

"Fall Flowers Planted in a Pumpkin"


"Flowers Imitating Monkeys -- The orchids above with the little monkey faces are Dracula simia, which translates to Little Dragon Monkey. The flowers are fragrant with the scent of a ripe orange...native to the cloud forests of southeast Ecuador, & as such not many people throughout history have seen them. The flowers above that look like little dancing monkeys are called Orchis simia...found in Europe, the Mediterranean, Russia, Asia Minor & Iran...[&] smell strongly of feces."

"Cherry and rape blossoms," by cate♪, via Flickr -- [Rapeseed is the source of canola oil.]

"Stylish Easter Decorations" -- Several here; I love this cornucopia with the pastel hydrangeas!