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This is more about books & libraries & public collections (e.g., museum libraries) as physical entities than about reading choices (for which, see "Favorite Reads"), though some reading choices are here, as well. Related pins will be found in many other boards, among them "Book Delivery Systems," "Bookshelves & Home Libraries," "Bookcase/Fireplace Combinations," "Book Art," "Librarianship," and "Training & Education."

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Bookstores & Libraries

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"Love Amongst the Stacks," by Jiffy Cat, via Flickr -- "Poe courted Sarah Whitman here [Providence Athenaeum (RI)], file under love. It was also a frequent haunt of Lovecraft, who crafted less love making or 'Poe' the story goes." Loving the card catalog, too... [See detail of it here:]

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"Bishan Library, Singapore," by ellen forsyth, via Flickr -- The "Cybrarian" station -- click through to see more photos of it in the photostream.

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Nice piece about "20 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do at Your San Antonio Public Library" -- Shown: "This sculpture [‘Fiesta Tower’] commemorates our 100th anniversary as a library system. Dale Chihuly's studio has completed more than 100 public installations around the world. Courtesy photo."

20 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do at Your San Antonio Public Library

"Stunning Renovation Brings New Radiance To Yale Library"

Stunning Renovation Brings New Radiance To Yale Library

"Library Interior," by webmaster, via Flickr -- "The [San Diego] College-Rolando Library offers free wireless Internet access, ample space and light and community space including a fireplace and an outdoor patio."

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"Medical Manuscripts & More" -- Click through for a nice post about the New York Academy of Medicine's library. Loving the ceiling and floor, the lights and lamps, the carved wood, the card catalog, and the skulls pictured here... Could I move in, please?

New York Academy of Medicine Library is a rare find for bibliophiles in New York – Fine Books and Collections

"Science Cafe & Library [in Chişinău, Moldova] by Anna Wigandt." -- "The intent was to appeal less to the chaotic and emotional experience of a typical cafe, and more to the rational and refined vibe of a library, while maintaining the accessibility and interactiveness of a public space." -- Click through quite a bit more information about and several more photos of this striking space that has some very unusual features.

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Previous pinner: "Suspended Library-wow!" -- SH: Wow, indeed! Click through for several more photos of this amazing floating law library that's the centerpiece of a law office in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Photo by Fran Parente.

BPGM Law Office / FGMF Arquitetos

"The exhibitions at concept-shop Merci [in Paris] may change frequently, but the charming café remains a constant at the popular Haut-Marais destination. Over 10,000 books line the wall of the cozy ground-floor space, which is filled with eclectic vintage furnishings. As with sales at the store, profits benefit educational charities in Madagascar."

Ten Stylish Shops That Also Serve Coffee

"The Bookworm, Carshalton, London SM5," by Kake, via Flickr -- Peek inside this quaint bookstore here:

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Politics & Prose Bookstore, Washington DC

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"Hermosa Beach was home of the quirky Either/Or bookstore, the radical counter-cultural center of the L.A. beach cities. It was nice to mill around and read books you couldn't afford to buy. After many decades on the same street, Either/Or finally closed in 1999. Some of us will always remember it as the best independent bookstore ever, along with a California beach lifestyle that seems almost unbelievable now." From "Feathers and Flowers: Hermosa Beach reminiscence," photos from the 1970s.

Feathers and Flowers: Hermosa Beach reminiscence

"Library Glow," by Ned Fielden, via Flickr -- St. John's, Cambridge, England -- Click through to see more shots of this gorgeous library in the photostream.

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"Murder & Mayhem Bookshop, Hay-on-Wye, Wales," by bluebeart, via Flickr -- Love the street-level art! Also, check out the clever "book" bookstore sign here ( and the floor art here ( Looks like a fun place!

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"Library confusion, 23/12/1952, by Sam Hood," by State Library of New South Wales, via Flickr -- Not just "library" confusion, either ... I had to pin this photo, as given a slightly different hairstyle, the woman on the left honestly could have been my mother in that same time period. (I'd be seriously suspicious if I didn't know that she's never been to Australia...!)

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Library. -- As far back as I can trace this is 7/26/11 on the "September 21st" Tumblr (at the click-through), but it was tagged merely "library" "old" "books". In late 2013, Blue Pueblo on Tumblr added "National Library, Paris, France," but I haven't been able to verify that prior to that caption anywhere else. I just know I love this photo!

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  • Brenda Sawyer
    Brenda Sawyer

    Would love to have this in my house!

"Austrian National Library, Vienna," by Amanda Rust, via Flickr -- Totally laughing at the previous pinner's comment: "(oh no they did not put a hidden door in their library!)"

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"Seattle Public Library," by Jonathan Broderick, via 500px -- Stunning shot! Click through to the photostream to see more shots of this library.

Seattle Public Library

"The Retail Revolution @ Your Library" -- Click through for a nice article about the public library in Almere, a "Dutch city of 180,000." There are a number of photos, like this one, of "retail style displays." Certainly not the first library to try this, but definitely among the best executed.

The Retail Revolution @ Your Library

The post at the click-through is about "Hyde Park’s Seminary Co-op Bookstore," but I pinned this for the VERY cool carpet... sort of perfect for a bookstore!

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"Activists, Soldiers Move to Protect Libraries in Ukraine" -- Photo shows activists and soldiers rallied by the Ukrainian Library Association in front of the National Parliamentary Library. Click through for another photo and a hopeful story.

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"Study Hall - the National Library of China," via Imgur

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"Dubliners: The Photographs of JJ Clarke: A glimpse of James Joyce's Dublin 1897-1904," via Google Cultural Institute -- Shown: "The National Library of Ireland on Kildare Street was a bustling place full of young people, at the time...Joyce knew the librarians well, and set one of the chapters of 'Ulysses,' 'Scylla and Charybdis,' in the domed Reading Room... Library assistant and boy attendant in the Reading Room of the National Library." More at click-through.

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Previous pinner: "The Dusty Bookshelf, Downtown Lawrence, KS... cool postcards, used books and a friendly cat to pet. Every town should have one of these." -- Click through to the photostream to see more of this bookshop and "Alice," the cat. Official site for the store: www.thedustybooks...

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  • Eva Weil
    Eva Weil

    I used to love visiting this bookstore while I was going to KU!

  • Suzi Holler
    Suzi Holler

    I can certainly see why...wish I were close enough to visit it! (And meet Alice...)

"Melk Abby Library" (Austria) from click-through post "Getting it Right in the Digital Camera : Prague to Budapest II," with more gorgeous photos by Jeff Newcomer.

Getting it Right in the Digital Camera : Prague to Budapest II