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Card Catalogs

Dealing mostly with card catalogs repurposed for the home, but some classic library photos have slipped in, as have some "card-catalog-like" storage cabinets. For more about libraries, librarianship, reading, books, or bookshelves, there are separate boards.

Card Catalogs

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"Copyright Card Catalog: One of the largest card catalogs in the world, the copyright card catalog comprises approximately 46 million index cards. Photo by Cecelia Rogers, 2010." -- Read more about it here: and see more of this card catalog here:

Copyright Card Catalog | Copyright Matters: Digitization and Public Access

Card Catalog at the New York Courts Law Library of Queens ( -- I like that floor, too!

Previous pinner: "i love old repurposed card catalogs" -- SH: So do I, and this one's a pretty one! Unfortunately, it's no longer available at the click-through.

Previous pinner: "Repurposed library card file into bathroom vanity. All the drawers open" -- SH: I love this!

"How She Decorates With Vintage Furniture," via "Junk in the Trunk" -- "Coley has transformed old card catalogues and barn wood into this beautifully repurposed desk."

How She Decorates With Vintage Furniture

“Nice repurposing of a card catalogue in #chicago this librarian approves!” -- SH: So does this one!

Jennifer Dekker on Twitter

Explanation of the card catalog; entry is implied by the post to be from "The How and Why Library," date unknown.

Chapelkill Library | The future? The How and Why Library dares to dream...

"Room 100, including card catalogs," by New York Public Library, via Flickr -- From what I can gather looking at other images and reading about this, it's behind the scenes in Cataloging, 1923.

Look what I got in the mail today! Yay! (Thanks, Valentine's Bunny!) -- If you're wondering what it is, it's a card catalog drawer USB; see better photos here:

I suspect this is for storing negatives, but it's still a very cool card-catalog-like piece. From "Kim Meinelt and Scott Irvine at Home in Brooklyn," via "The Selby" -- Click through for many more photos of this eclectic and fun house!

Kim Meinelt and Scott Irvine at Home in Brooklyn « the selby

"Fun Wallcovering Ideas" -- This is bookshelf wallpaper (several more at the click-through), but it's also a pretty almost hidden dark card catalog...

LET'S STAY: Fun Wallcovering Ideas

"1890 Oak Card Catalog" -- Despite the odd drawer and the non-uniform pulls, this piece has a lovely front. No further details at the click-through.

Antique Shops-Collectible Shops-Antiquing Guide-Madison County-Ohio-Events-History-Plan Your Trip-Stories-Pictures-Find that perfect Antique!
  • Crystal

    Is this for sale or is this just a information site?

  • Suzi Holler
    Suzi Holler

    Crystal, the click-through site is about Madison County, Ohio, but the photo credit is from an antique store ( However, I didn't and don't find that piece on their site any more, so I assume it sold.

  • Crystal

    Thanks. I'm new and trying to find one to buy

  • Suzi Holler
    Suzi Holler

    I see them for sale fairly regularly on eBay, Etsy, and Craigslist, all three. (Here's the current Etsy crop: Be warned; they're very popular now, so they're always pricey.

"A Collectors Home" -- "In the family room a bookcase is filled with vintage typewriters [], and across the room is a Chinese apothecary chest originally from Napa, Chinatown which displays a kaleidoscope of butterflies carefully preserved under glass."

lifestyle Blog – collections

"The Card CATalog" -- Gotta love cats and their boxes!

The Card CATalog

"Just Make Stuff...Card Catalog" -- The post at the click-through is about a very well organized and pretty craft room. I have to confess, however, I am very amused by the numerous "stuff" labels on the catalog drawers!

Just Make Stuff: Organizational Projects

"Home Decor: Some of my favorite things.... All Things Apothecary" -- A post with several gorgeous apothecary cabinets and jars. Impressive legs on this gorgeously colored aged piece.

C.B.I.D. HOME DECOR and DESIGN: HOME DECOR: Some of my favorite things....

Previous pinner: "antique 42 drawer chest" -- This item is no longer available at the click-through, but I really like this dark, distressed look.

"Double Door Apothecary Media Stand" -- For sale at the click-through, this has two doors "with nine false drawer fronts..." Love the look of it, even if the drawers aren't real.

Double Door Apothecary Media Stand

From "Global Icons: The Apothecary Chest" -- Shown: "This white pine apothecary chest is perfect for this small corner. It adds playful color, not to mention a 15-drawer storage system, to a traditional space dressed in plaid and neutrals." -- I may wind up pinning everything from this wonderful post; I want them ALL, even though they're just card-catalog-like!

Global Icons: The Apothecary Chest

"Contemporary Kitchen Spacial Duality" from "Global Icons: The Apothecary Chest" -- Shown: "...the drawers were not originally part of the cabinet design, but were added as a place to store the many tea and coffee bins that would normally occupy space on the countertop." -- I may wind up pinning everything from this wonderful post; I want them ALL, even though they're just card-catalog-like!

Global Icons: The Apothecary Chest

"Card Catalog Side Table" -- The "before" of this gorgeous piece gave no indication of what was to come! Click through to see more photos and the "before" shot.

Turning A Card Catalog Into A Side Table | Not JUST A Housewife

Card Catalog Curtain Panel -- Click through for purchasing information from H&M US.

H&M Curtain Panel $17.95

I've never seen this, but evidently, "The Simpsons" has an episode, “Lisa the Greek,” where "Lisa needs to study a sport she doesn’t know about... [she] goes to the library where the show makes a quick joke about libraries and librarians before cramming in a bunch of jokes about football." -- Gotta love a show with a card catalog, even if it's animated! (Click through for a comparison/contrast review with another episode.)

Compare & Contrast: Lisa Learns a Sport

"DVD Case Plan - Build a DVD storage case" -- "Versatile plan design lets you stack the drawers horizontally (photo left) or stack them vertically so they’ll look like an old library card catalog (see closer look)." Click through to purchase or see the other photo.

DVD Case Plan - Build a DVD Storage Case

"Good Questions: How Can I Modernize This Cabinet?" -- Click through to see this card catalog with a door!

Good Questions: How Can I Modernize This Cabinet?