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Card Catalogs

Dealing mostly with card catalogs repurposed for the home, but some classic library photos have slipped in, as have some "card-catalog-like" storage cabinets. For more about libraries, librarianship, reading, books, or bookshelves, there are separate boards.

Card Catalogs

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From the Twitter feed of the Library of Congress: #TBT Think card catalogs are #oldschool? Not in #NewsRR -- We use ‘em daily!

Library of Congress on Twitter

Previous pinner: "Fall" in love with your library - READ! (Olney Central College - Anderson Library)

"Fall" in love with your library. Olney Central...

From Allie Affinito: "Wanted to share the recent tattoo I got, it's a card catalog [drawer]." -- Yay!

Allie Affinito - Photos from Allie Affinito's post in...

"Other uses found for library card catalogs" -- Interesting article at the click-through talking mostly about small libraries where card catalogs still exist. Shown: "Norwell Public Library has an old card catalog cabinet that is used to hold seed packets for a seed-lending program."

Card catalog cabinets endure in some smaller libraries, find new uses elsewhere - The Boston Globe

" 'It's in the Cards,' an interactive, expanding art exhibit at the Robert W. Woodruff Library at Emory University, features old library catalog cards that have been turned into art and poetry. Students, staff, faculty and members of the community are invited to create new pieces to add to the exhibit at the "It's in the Cards" Art Party, a free event that will include art supplies, snacks and music on April 23 [2015] from 4:30 to 7 p.m. in the Jones Room." -- Shown: "Leaves of Grass" -- Sounds fun; click through for more photos.

'It's in the Cards' exhibit creates art, poetry from old library catalog cards

"Turn IKEA Cubbies into a Rustic Apothecary Chest -- If you didn’t see the before pictures you’d probably never guess that the rustic apothecary chest on the right was actually made from a basic IKEA cubby console." -- Note: This is not 32 drawers, but the same 8 cubbies plus 2 doors. How-tos and many more photos at source here: sawdust2stitches....

Turn IKEA Cubbies into a Rustic Apothecary Chest

Kind of love the long, tall look of this "24 drawer oak card catalog file cabinet" at Ellie's Attic, Camden, SC.

"The Elusive Card Catalogs and How I Repurposed Mine!" -- Beth at "MakeMePrettyAgain" gives lots of how-tos and photos for the before and after of this hand-crafted herringbone top on this totally redone beautiful card catalog.

The Elusive Card Catalogs and How I Repurposed Mine!

"San Diego Public Library," by Schu, via Flickr -- Another (unpinnable) shot of this same thing that looks almost like a cartoon cel is here:

"Kitty cat/card catalog," by Elizabeth Skene, via Flickr -- Love the look of everything here, not least the cat!

"Enoch Pratt Library," by Brian Eden, via Flickr -- "This is an old school card catalog in front of a window on the second floor of Baltimore's Enoch Pratt [Free] Library." -- Another (unpinnable) wider color shot showing more of both the beautiful window and the "Catalogue of Donors" is here:

"my hopes have flown before" [description is from from "The Raven" by Poe]," by Jean Linn, via Flickr -- From comments, this is behind the scenes at the Buffalo Museum of Science.

"Card Catalog" from the College of Physicians of Philadelphia. -- This photo isn't all that remarkable, but evidently, the carvings next to this card catalog are, as seen in this unpinnable photo from Flickr:

Library Policies

"Card Catalog," by Jessica Lamirand, via Flickr -- "Photos from Hillside Gardens, Colorado Springs, July 2013."

"Peeping In A Card Catalog," by Raymond Bryson, via Flickr

"Card Catalog Table," by BeckBookman Library, via Flickr

"Card catalog: my arm," by Elizabeth Skene, via Flickr

"Card Catalog Card Blinds" (!!!!) by Danielle, via Flickr -- Favorite comment on Flickr (by Asaf Billet): "You can take your prizes and go home, ORRRR... you can see what's behind curtain no. 795.4152 !!!" *grins*

"card catalog," by squiggle. via Flickr

"Copyright Card Catalog: One of the largest card catalogs in the world, the copyright card catalog comprises approximately 46 million index cards. Photo by Cecelia Rogers, 2010." -- Read more about it here: and see more of this card catalog here:

Copyright Card Catalog | Copyright Matters: Digitization and Public Access

Card Catalog at the New York Courts Law Library of Queens ( -- I like that floor, too!

Previous pinner: "i love old repurposed card catalogs" -- SH: So do I, and this one's a pretty one! Unfortunately, it's no longer available at the click-through.

Previous pinner: "Repurposed library card file into bathroom vanity. All the drawers open" -- SH: I love this!

"How She Decorates With Vintage Furniture," via "Junk in the Trunk" -- "Coley has transformed old card catalogues and barn wood into this beautifully repurposed desk."

How She Decorates With Vintage Furniture

“Nice repurposing of a card catalogue in #chicago this librarian approves!” -- SH: So does this one!

Jennifer Dekker on Twitter