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One of my individual ingredient boards for foods/images that are absolute favorites. (See also "Bacon," "Chocolate," "Strawberries," "Tea.") Mostly recipes, but some other items that aren't food at all.
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"Fig Cobbler." -- Lucky recipe developer has a fig tree. I never have easy enough access to fresh figs to be able to make something like this easy and tempting dish -- which would be good warm or chilled.


Fig Cobbler

"What do Figs go well with?" -- One of many useful info sheets from "Produce Made Simple" -- Click through for more information and suggestions.


What do Figs go well with? - Produce Made Simple

from Good Housekeeping

Figgy Bars

"Figgy Bars: Inspired by the famous figgy pudding beloved by the Brits, these brandy-glazed bars are chock-full of figs and flavored with pumpkin-pie spices." -- Made with dried Black Mission figs.


Figgy Bars Recipe - Good Housekeeping

"ON THE TABLE :: FIGS" -- Click through to "Fluxi On Tour" for this delicious-looking compilation of photos, with links to the original recipes shown.


ON THE TABLE :: FIGS - Fluxi On Tour

from Sur La Table

Fig Glass Ornament


Fig Glass Ornament

from stetted

Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Dried Figs

"Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Dried Figs" -- Add in some "jamón serrano, a variety of cured Spanish ham," (my favorite!) and I'm in!


Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Dried Figs - stetted

"Les macarons chèvre & figue" -- Goat cheese & fig macarons! -- The click-through, in French, under the heading "Gourmandises" has 99 macaron recipes, plus tips, templates, and more.


Macarons salés au chèvre et à la figue > Recette

"Chocolate bundt cake with chocolate ganache glaze" from "Call me cupcake." Click through for the recipe and for more stunning photos of this lovely cake with the fig accents.


Chocolate bundt cake with chocolate ganache glaze

Butterscotch Cake With Orange Sour Cream Glaze And Figs

from Sweet Paul

Almond Custard & Fig Tart

"Almond Custard and Fig Tart" -- From "Sweet Paul Magazine," Fall 2014 issue: "Fresh figs have a very short season in early fall. This tart celebrates the simple sweet perfection of autumn's favorite fruit baked in a classic tart with an almond custard."


Almond Custard & Fig Tart | Sweet Paul Magazine