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Got Nutter Butters?

Intended to be what you can do with whole Nutter Butters (or Vienna Fingers for a nut-free option) and minimal other ingredients. With few exceptions, no cakes or cupcakes are included, unless the Nutter Butter is used as a decoration that could also stand alone. For more ideas, see the "Got Oreos?," "Holidays,..." "Cake Decorating," "Strawberries," "Entertaining..." and some of the "Recipe..." boards.

"Crocodile Nutter Butter Valentine Treats" -- Click through for instructions, plus a crocodile Valentine's treat with a bad pun!

"Olaf Nutter Butter Cookies Recipe" -- Olaf the snowman is celebrating the Disney movie, "Frozen," due for home release soon. Click through for more photos and instructions.

From "Catholic Cuisine" come these "Saint Nicholas Cookies," adapted from the many different Nutter Butter Santa Claus cookies out there.

Easter Butterfly -- These "Nutterbutter cookie[s] dipped in milk chocolate and decorated with peanut M&Ms, gummis and runt candies" are for sale and inspiration from Sweet Hut Candy, Wisconsin Dells, WI.

"Turkey Nutter Butter Cookies Tutorial – Thanksgiving Food Craft"

"Halloween Masks," from Crazy for Crust. -- Kitty cats, tigers, and devils, oh my!

"Ants made from Nutter Butters and black licorice" for a "Yo Gabba Gabba" party -- (At first glance, I thought they were Mr. Peanut! Mess with the antennae some and they could be!)

I thought these were the most realistic looking "Nutter Butter Flip Flops" I'd ever seen ... and then I started researching the molds made to encase the cookies. Find those at the click-through link here:

Click through to see a number of "Sandwich Cookie Molds" designed to embed Nutter Butter cookies. Shown: "SpinningLeaf Bejeweled Tiki Sandwich Cookie Mold"

"40 Sweet Treats Made with Nutter Butter Cookies," via Miss CandiQuik -- Most of these are already on this board, but it's a very handy chart with links for each individual creation at the click-through.

Nutter Butter Puppy Cookies

"Pink Pirate Nutter Butters" -- for inspiration only. [SH: as far as I have been able to track it backwards, this pin originated here:]

"Nutter Butter Candle Cookies" -- Clever idea with one for each year wrapped creatively for a birthday.

"Nutter Butter Ghosts in a Pumpkin Patch" -- "Krazy In The Kitchen" is ingenious with her Nutter Butters and her mad decorating skills!

"Nutter Butter Bunny"...from the back

From Life with Moore Babies, adorable "Nutter Butter Chicks" emerging from their egg shells!

"Santa face" -- Another Santa face, but slightly more elaborately decorated...lovely!

Amazing "Peacock Feather Nutter Butter Cookies" -- Made with commercial edible feather toppers; instructions at click-through.

"Nutter Butter Mini Santas" -- Whole-body Santas, rather than the more typical just faces. Requires a bit more decorating talent, but instructions at click-through.

Chocolate-covered "Nutter Butter Goggles" for a pool party. Several other very cute ideas at the click-through.

Utterly charming camping vignette with "Nutter Butter Campers," and an Oreo, pretzel, and gumdrop fire. Instructions included for all of them. (For a more elaborate tent, complete with flaps, plus a different fire, see here:

"Witches' Broomsticks Cookies," made with Nutter Butters and Caramel Ovation Sticks -- I'm betting that pretzel sticks would work well, too.

Nutter Butter Sunflower (it goes with the bees here: