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Mostly having to do with hiding or disguising televisions. Other items about media or media rooms as they appear. See lots of other boards, especially "Bookcases..." for related material.

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Previous pinner: "Love this hidden TV idea from Grange Furniture. think width is roughly 153", height is 78", depth is 14" " -- SH: This particular photo is no longer shown at the Grange site that I can find, but URL changed to supplier's. See more lovely Grange modular options here: knightmovesblog.b... and here: www.pinterest.com...

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Previous pinner: "'Elegant Rooms that Work' by Stephanie Stokes - library / guest room / office - beautiful storage solutions" -- SH: "The television is attached to a pull-out unit that stores work files and project binders." -- See this room with the television hidden here: www.architectural... & as guest room here: uk.pinterest.com/...

Brilliant, Beautiful Storage in ‘Rooms That Work’


"LG invented a crazy, bendable TV that sticks to your wall like a refrigerator magnet" -- Just a concept so far...

LG invented a crazy, bendable TV that sticks to your wall like a refrigerator magnet


I'm pinning this "Notre Dame Home Theater" not because I like it, but to have a football themed cover photo for the board. That said, however, I do confess that I love this ceiling for a media room!!

Touchdown! 11 Winning Football Rooms for Fans of All Ages


"Flip-Around TV Mount by HVTVmounts.com: Mount a TV on one side, picture on the other. Flips 180 deg so you can watch TV or hide it easily" -- Click through to see several options.

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"Hide Your TV" -- Click through for a variety of good and unusual ideas for hiding your television. Haven't seen one hidden in a table before!

Good Ideas For You | Hide Your TV


"DVD-Game Storage Wall" -- Click through to see the whole room renovation.

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"How to Decorate the Perfect Media Room" -- Click through for advice from Pottery Barn about all sorts of media room considerations.

Choose Storage Solutions


"Decorating and Design Tips from [Chicago designer] Tom Stringer: Hiding a TV in a paneled wall has never been so easy. This one does a full 360 degree turn in a hidden space above a cabinet."

Decorating and Design Tips from Tom Stringer


"How to Hide TV Cords in Trim Work" – Guest post at the click-through gives step-by-step instructions and photos.

How to Hide TV Cords in Trim Work - Guest Post


"Range Backsplash: A sliding marble backsplash on the range wall conceals a small television and bottles of oils and spices." -- Click through to the previous slide to see it closed in the "Spacious and Family-Friendly Kitchen Update" by Mick De Giulio, via "Traditional Home."

Spacious and Family-Friendly Kitchen Update


"Nantucket House -- Lynn Morgan Design" -- Sort of loving how the television lowers from the ceiling of this (butler's nook? dining room buffet? breakfast area?) in the gorgeous white/bright house at the click-through.



"Three Ways to Hide That Big Wall-Mounted Plasma TV" -- Click through for 6 photos of lovely options (cabinets, prints, and tapestries) for hiding the television. Shown: "wooden wall-mounted plasma TV cabinet" -- These are some of my favorite (although some of the more expensive) options.

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"How to Hide TV Wires and Cables: A Designer-Worthy DIY to Camouflage Your TV"

A Designer-Worthy DIY to Camouflage Your TV


Traditional media room; Jennifer Bevan Interiors. -- See another photo of the same room here: www.jenniferbevan...

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High Rise Theater (Family Library?) by Deep River PartnersMilwaukee, WI, US 53202

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Willow Glen Residence, by Lizette Marie Interior DesignSan Francisco, CA, US 94103

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"Redondo Beach Home traditional media room," by Tath Hossfeld Designs. -- Love the bar-like table behind the couch...compact two-tiered design.

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Post: "The Real Estalker: Screenwriter and Author Mark Frost Lists Sonoma-style Hideaway in the B.H.P.O." --> "Other rooms include a roomy, bookcase-lined library/office, a small fitness room, and an also bookcase-lined media room with enough tiered seating on milk chocolate-colored leather recliner-sofas to accommodate (at least) ten boob-toob watchers." Oh, boy; oh, boy; oh, boy!!! My "want it" gears are turning with this media room!!!

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"Media Storage Sense -- Frame the television with a bounty of storage and it's easy to find the necessary gear for a fun-filled night at home."

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Angus Leather 4-Seat Theater Recliner in Brown

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"Contemporary double-sided fireplace (gas closed hearth) DX1500 Escea Ltd"

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Mounting your tv to the wall and hiding all the cords

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Grand View Builders Media Room

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Haunted media room. -- " 'Sneaky' Pete Rizzo celebrates Halloween all year long" -- Click through for the story; click www.knoxnews.com/... for the photo gallery.

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