love actually 21 Memorable and Famous Movie Quotes About Love

21 Memorable and Famous Movie Quotes About Love

Why yes they do :)

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25 Adorable - Flirty - Romantic - Sexy #Love #Quotes and Posters - Style Estate -

25 Adorable, Flirty, Romantic And Sexy Love Posters

8 Inspiring Quotes About Love and Dating to Jumpstart Your Weekend: Smitten

8 Inspiring Quotes About Love and Dating to Jumpstart Your Weekend

If I Didn’t Have You - Thompson Square

"Friend Time"

Daily Odd Compliment


Daily Odd Compliment

The Daily Odd Compliment - CafeMom

The Daily Odd Compliment


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Yes I do.. You tell me you love me and can't live without me. That makes me so happy.. Love you babe.

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I could never love again, so much as i love you ~ Dave Matthews Band

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Ya know the simple Yep... and then some, just for the lolz and smile on her face... the sweet nothings and just because ~W.N.

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Sunday brunch (53 photos)

i love you

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You may think that it isn´t enough but a ♥ is all you need than love is everything!!!♥<<<< Just promise me you will take good care of my heart? :)

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Long distance is tough, but it's only temporary and it's going to be worth it when we're finally together forever.

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The strongest drug that exists for a human is another human being... One who intends to seek ones cure for loneliness, companionship, friendly advice, complimenting, being social or just to say hi how are you etc... Can only be defined by a human drug of humanity period!!!

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Thanks baby

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Road trip

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? So true |

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Geek love! Star Wars Valentine's Day -Momo