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Exactly, Seriously no point in doing any other way. So get in my way and you will get your ass handed to you.

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Women are the most complicated creatures on earth so the devil is sometimes confused. maybe PMS doesn& exist - maybe women thought up it to justify their madness.

Spiced Honey Beer Recipe

Belgian Wit is a wonderful light, refreshing beer that narrowly avoided extinction to become a popular hit here in the United States. This week we'll take a look at the history, brewing and recipes for Belgian Wit and White

hand crafted rough edge tables | Custom Made Live Edge Walnut Slab Dining Table

Live Edge Walnut Slab Dining Table - great idea to have 2 smaller benches on each side instead of 1 long one.

Steampunk Gentleman Adult Costume #steampunk #steam punk

This adult steampunk gentleman costume is a unique Halloween costume idea. The mens cyberpunk costume is perfect for science fiction fans and great for costume parties.

All Things Crafty: Another Cowboy Hat into Steampunk Top Hat - This is a brilliant tutorial.  I'm SO trying it soon because I have a ton of cowboy hats I get for $1 or so at yard sales.

All Things Crafty: Cowboy Hat into Steampunk Top Hat - I wonder if this would work as well as the picture shows. Cowboy hats are so much cheaper than top hats!

Distressed steam/dieselpunk spats/gaiters *0* Je veux !!!!!!!!!! (Désolée...n_n)

New Europe style rhinestone Man-made PU leather thick rough over the knee long high boots womens shoes