Glass Container Photo Display

Mother's Day Photo Gifts

diy photo jars-I love this simple idea. Look for different glass jars and candle holders at the dollar store or craft store, and reprint some photos in black and white from your childhood or your parent's childhood to put inside.

Bath Salts for Mom

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

combine with bath salt recipes and lavender essential oil recipes. DIY ::: Mother's Day Gift Ideas ::: Invite Mom to relax in the luxury of bath salts chosen just for her.

Candles with Photos

Mother's Day Photo Gifts

Print photos on tissue paper and cut out image. Wrap candles with tissue and freezer paper. A heat gun will melt the wax until it saturates and coats tissue paper.

At Your Service

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Customized Breakfast Tray: Serve Mom breakfast in bed on a custom-made tray. Sand a purchased wooden serving tray and paint it. Include a child's essay about Mom, cut into an oval, glue it to the tray and surround it with pressed flowers.

Serve a Mother's Day Brunch

Mother's Day Traditions

Serve a Mother's Day Brunch - Who doesn't like breakfast in bed? Serve up warm waffles, fruit, and juice to celebrate Mom's special day. Use cookie cutters to cut fruit -- such as watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew -- into fun springtime shapes.

Traces of You: Physical Traits, this is a cool idea I would love this!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mothers Day ideas

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