Le munching on my favorite snack.

These Pins Are The Perfect Gift For Your Favorite Bookworm

Books and a cup of tea!

Books 著作 книга Livre Libro Leggere Reading Imagination Books and a cup of tea!

Thought the crime writers among might find this interesting.

Why Do Some People Hurt People?

I can never repin this enough XD

Funny pictures about OMG Shark! Oh, and cool pics about OMG Shark! Also, OMG Shark!

~ Mermaids & Books - Strategic Mariners

Bribing mermaids with books. <> I'd be one pissed mermaid if a sailor brought me Book 1 and not the rest. / Maybe they will give them the rest of the books after they get back home that way they know they'll be safe, like insurance

Book Power Poster

This picture is so amazing to me. The book within the arm is representing the muscles. Knowledge is power, maybe not physically, but it definitely is power. If someone lacks knowledge, they have a harder time getting through life.

Worst analogies ever

Funny pictures about The worst analogies ever written in a high school essay. Oh, and cool pics about The worst analogies ever written in a high school essay. Also, The worst analogies ever written in a high school essay photos.

Ha!  Don't we know who needs one of these???

Want a Halloween costume that isn't like everyone else's costume? Try these Man Eating Shark Halloween Costumes. There are great for a Shark Week party too!

Writing, writing, writing.

Vintage wallpaper coupled with gorgeous old typewriter and salon style hung art make for an office or workspace worthy of any writer! A Place to Call Home,For the Home,Home glamour,Home Inspira

Shark watermelon instructions

Shark Carved Watermelon for summer parties! Fill with fruit salad and use as a festive centerpiece during Shark Week

Cover Reveal for Donna Everhart’s ‘The Road to Bittersweet’

Cover Reveal for Donna Everhart's 'The Road to Bittersweet' - Deep South Magazine