Can't live positively around negative people. Once you find your happy, negativity becomes really annoying. This is so true, it is absolutely annoying, but it's hard, as I've lost that happy spirit part of myself in this relationship.


realizing some people will NEVER apologize even though they were wrong...just continue as though nothing ever happened. c'est la vie, i guess. no need to cause drama over two words.

sad but true :( I've experienced this myself and it hurts

sad but true :( I've experienced this myself and it hurts

Nope, everyone loves differently. Some stronger than others. Some loves love the best they know how. Instead of doubting, keep loving them strong. It may rub off on them/teach them something they didn't know they were capable of doing. ;)

Beauty is thrown way out of proportion now days... We set standards for our children to live by that are unrealistic and lead to unhappiness... To me the definition of beauty is love, compassion and kindness! Each of those are so rare now a days!


love, regret and loss. happiest and most painful memories of what could have been if only I had been better...in another life, perhaps.