Art Therapy at Southwestern College

Southwestern College offers an accredited (AATA) master's degree in Art Therapy/Counseling, which allows you to become licensed in both fields...
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Everything I need is already within.

"There is no coming to consciousness without pain." -C.G. Jung

Color meditation drawing.

The moon and a canyon. Peaceful explorer. Archetypal psychology.

Self-geography map.

Archetypal psychology, the daydreamer and the dreamer

Top: the energy of grief. Bottom: the energy of the absence of grief.

Animus mandala

How to Remember Your Dreams:

I quickly, absentmindedly painted this after I finished "Breaking free of the Codependency Trap" by Janae and Barry Weinhold, it states "neither co nor counter dependency oriented social systems make us responsible for taking care of our own needs or for looking at how our personal behavior is part of a larger problem."

The lens with which we see. From my Multicultural Art Therapy class, I learned about vertical and horizontal identity. Vertical being race, language, etc. and horizontal being sexuality, physical disability, etc. As Solomon points out in his book "Far from the Tree," in mainstream society, there is no attempt to homogenize vertical traits, people often want to "fix" horizontal traits. In actuality, both horizontal and vertical traits are part of our unique identity.

Feeling peaceful and calm meditation.

Golden Triangle Meditation: synthesizing the opposites. Integrating the opposites can help move one into their center. From Robert Waterman's book, Mandala of the Soul.

"The Great Escape," a representation of my first childhood memory.


Stephanie Murphy Blue Goddess

Sandplay Therapy at SWC

Create. Relax. Feel.

Art Therapy the open studio process way. Set and intention, create art, and write about it (witness your piece).

Re-envisioning our neural pathways.

Plaster Mask. Sanded, mod-podged and decorated.

A kinesthetic approach to art therapy: painting with string.

Images from dreams, active imagination and guided meditations

I created these simple images titled Seek, Ripple and Thread as reminders. For instance, when I find myself taking something out on someone else, I think of the ripple image and I ask myself, "Is this really what I want to be spreading out into the greater collective?"

Transforming your inner critic. From self-righteous lady who knows it all, to super hero bringing light to dark places.