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Art Therapy at Southwestern College

Southwestern College offers an accredited (AATA) master's degree in Art Therapy/Counseling, which allows you to become licensed in both fields...

Sandplay Therapy at SWC

Create. Relax. Feel.

Art Therapy the open studio process way. Set and intention, create art, and write about it (witness your piece).

Re-envisioning our neural pathways.

Plaster Mask. Sanded, mod-podged and decorated.

A kinesthetic approach to art therapy: painting with string.

Images from dreams, active imagination and guided meditations

I created these simple images titled Seek, Ripple and Thread as reminders. For instance, when I find myself taking something out on someone else, I think of the ripple image and I ask myself, "Is this really what I want to be spreading out into the greater collective?"

Transforming your inner critic. From self-righteous lady who knows it all, to super hero bringing light to dark places.

Art Directive: Drawing our least and most favorite parts of our body.

Art Directive: First, create an image of an emotion that is difficult to understand of cope with (the top picture represents "shame"); next, create a second image to show how this emotion may be supported or transformed.

Mandala creations. 5-15 minute creations to show what's on your mind or how you are feeling.

Contour drawings with charcoal and marker.

Art response journal to active listening. This was a process I used to "digest" the experiences of others. Through it, I found I felt more connected to the speaker as well as larger humanity. I also found that if a particular story really stuck with me, this was a good process of letting go. **The dialogue in the image is not an actual dialogue. It is completely made up and exaggerated.

Art Directive: Create a collage of what we look like on the outside and what we look/feel like on the inside.

From a cognitive/behavioral approach to art therapy we were asked to show what a behavior or pattern of thought we have looks like now and what we would like for it to look like.

Art Directive: The essence of who you are.

Art Directive: Create and image of your five year old self. Include in the image, 3 objects that represent a part of who you were then. My 3 objects were a hammock, belt and a tooth.

Art Directive: Draw to music. Always fun. Always makes me feel better.

In the Use of Expressive Arts in Grief Work class at Southwestern, we were asked to make something that represented our inner connection to our spirituality.

Decorate journals to write down and keep track of art therapy directives.

Art Directive: Edith Kramer's use of sublimation as an art therapy technique. I painted my way through the process of first feeling angry, than sad, than confused and finally content.

Art Directive: Combine the kinesthetic/sensory, perceptual/affective, cognitive/symbolic levels of the expressive therapies continuum.

Body Mapping

Natascha Holmes Art Opening– Exploring the Inner World through Color