Southwestern College Clinical Training

Our newest staff member and Art Therapist, Linnea Knoepsel, LMHC

Carol Parker in love with the counseling center's new Therapy Dog: "Penny Jane".

Transformation happens here.

Counseling Center Staff 2007ish

One of three sandtrays at the Counseling Center - use your imagination!

Internship Class....

A snapshot of the Counseling Center years ago - new decorating since then :)

Internship Class....

2013 Art Therapy Capstone Project

2013 Art Therapy Capstone Project

Mandala Dream Catcher by Heather Wulfers 2013

The final Despacho package that gets burned and consumed by the Spirits - Godspeed!

The beautiful Despacho that holds our intentions amidst many other special things.

Despacho Staff Ceremony: Carol, Michelle L, Michelle H and Chris gather around the bundle.

Despacho Staff Ceremony - Here is Erica with new baby, Austin!

Self-Self Portrait

Dr. Carol Parker, Director of Southwestern Counseling Center, in Peru...

Dr. Carol Parker and Fairy Kitty...Carol is the Chair of the Counseling Program, the Director of the Transformational Ecopsychology Certificate Program, and the Director of the Southwestern Counseling Center..

And Debbie Schroder's OLD office (now the Student Lounge) used to be the Southwestern Counseling Center!!

Art Therapy Department Chair, Deb Schroder created this image for our Counseling Center waiting area.

Heather and Erica, Coordinators of Southwestern Counseling Center

Some of our beloved past employees and counselors at Southwestern Counseling Center

The Main Atrium at Southwestern Counseling Center

The Cloud Counseling Room at SWCC