What it really takes to transition from #halfmarathon to #marathon training

Transitioning from the Half to Full Marathon: What You Need to Know for Beginner Marathon Training

Is the marathon twice as hard as a half marathon? Beginner marathon training involves a lot of little things that are easy to overlook.

An awesome marathon guide from @According to Elle | Elle Penner MPH RD that preaches Friday long runs! A Weekend Lover’s Marathon Training Guide #fitfluential

The Weekend Lover’s Marathon Training Guide (According to Elle)

How to pace your first half or full marathon

How to Pace Your First Half or Full Marathon

How to pace your first half or full marathon. I'm going to remember to go fishing this weekend!


Marathon Training Schedule for beginners. Even though I have run full marathons and half, it has been over 3 years since my last. So I am starting my training as a newbie.

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Running in the HEAT tips and a track workout WITH The Honest Mineral Sunscreen! (the hungry runner girl)

Marathon Training Schedule running 3 days per week

Here's my 18 Week Marathon Training Plan for "Busy Moms" who only have 3 days to run a week. Approved by running coach Hal Higdon.