Amy Bascom Patterson

Amy Bascom Patterson

I can't wait to try some of these recipes and other ideas from here :)
Amy Bascom Patterson
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Amazing Snaps: Backyard Oasis with hot tub and waterfall pool | See more

I must have a waterfall even if it is man made.this would be lovely. If I can get a place with a natural waterfall nearby that would be even better! Backyard Oasis with hot tub and waterfall pool

Hot Tub!!!

Seamless blending of nature and design with a "natural spring" spa. To preserve the area's unity with the surrounding hillside, during construction,wrap the lichens and moss coating the boulders in burlap and keep them moist to protect and sustain them.

Pool & View

This beautiful luxury mansion in California set right on the front row of a beach and greets us with an elegant luxury design and breathtaking views of…

love the reflection

This picture caught my eye because I loved how her face and the reflection are crystal clear but her surroundings are blurred out. This really conveys her as the picture of innocence

The Yellow Brick Road - the abandoned "Land of Oz" theme park in North Carolina

Eerie photo of the Yellow Brick Road from an abandoned Wizard of Oz theme park in North Carolina. Two cool ideas. One, find the broken down yellow road. Two, that there was a Wizard of Oz theme park.