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Hair Type 4C

Hair Type 4C

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fro it out...

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Demo: Natural Hair Coil Out [Video] - community.blackha...

Demo: Natural Hair Coil Out [Video] - Black Hair Information Community

One of the beauties of being natural is versatility – the ability to switch from your natural kinks, coils, or curls to bigger curls or straight tresses and back. This versatility is something that...

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9 Amazing Hair Textures

Natural Hair Styles and Fashion
  • Adrienne Brown
    Adrienne Brown

    That's a lot of hair

Twist and curl afro - www.blackhairinfo...

Twist and curl afro - Black Hair Information Community

Click the image for Jenell's natural hair photos and 4C hair regimen

Jenell from Chicago // 4C Natural Hair Style Icon | Black Girl with Long Hair
  • abigail pusey
    abigail pusey

    I transitioned but I feel like my hair isn't moving idk maybe it's all in my head.

Awesome pic!!!! :D

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Top 10 Herbs For Hair Growth | Health & Natural Living Stop with expensive 'plugs' and turn to plants!

Top 10 Herbs For Hair Growth | Health & Natural Living

The Shrinkage is Real!

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  • brittaney o
    brittaney o

    I can relate!

  • Sheila Jones
    Sheila Jones

    I'm having a hard time taking care of my 4c hair it's not growing as healthy as it should I really need help how to help grow my hair healthy

ANNOUNCEMENT: Official 4C Hair Chick Vlogger + VEDA?

ANNOUNCEMENT: Official 4C Hair Chick Vlogger + VEDA?

4C Hair Before After Max Hydration Regimen

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Marley hair crochet braids

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  • mandy

    So Beautiful

True Life: I’m a Type 4 Natural and I Haven’t Combed My Hair in 2 Years ***this is my goal length without heat***

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  • Nina Mosley
    Nina Mosley

    Just curious... how did u do ur hair when u didn't comb it?

  • jonjalyn graham
    jonjalyn graham

    Dido. I would love to know that as well as what style did you wear it in for length retention?

  • zaan

    Absolutely beautiful.

  • Constance Bruner
    Constance Bruner

    Jackie Mcclain & Jasmyne Gilbert

  • Alvin Gary
    Alvin Gary

    Your hair is simply beautiful. How do you detangle?

Best Hair Oils

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Wash day with Alikay Naturals with Yolanda Renee

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  • larissa mcbride
    larissa mcbride

    yes, might try natural hair


Live: Afro-Punk 2012

7 Tips for Setting Twists for a Well-Defined Twist-Out #NaturalHair #Video | Chocolate Hair / Vanilla Care

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Click the image for Samtou's natural hair photos and regimen

Samtou // Multi-Texture Style Icon | Black Girl with Long Hair

How To Stretch Your Natural Hair By Banding

How To Band Your Natural Hair For A Heat Free Blowout

Natural hair at every length is beautiful

Update on the new length and color
  • Sabrina Snowden
    Sabrina Snowden

    I love this length and the fullest.


Naturally Melshary

The 5 B's of Stretching Natural Hair ➜ Show off your length or create the foundation for fuller, fluffier styles by stretching your hair with these 5 methods.

The 5 B's of Stretching Naturally Curly Hair

▶ How to See All the Textures of Your 3b - 4c Hair - NATURAL Spiral HAIR - YouTube

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