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for the classroom

for the classroom

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Tutorial that shows how to transform old desk chairs into adorable ones like you see here. much better...I want a chair like this in my classroom! :)

How Joyful | Desk chair transformation

30+ Books About Math

30+ Books About Math

Novel Conclusions YA Retellings young adult novels ya books literary blog

YA Retellings: an Epic Infographic

Easter Egg Genetics Students use plastic eggs to practice their Punnet square-solving-skills (High School)

Science Matters: Genetics: Easter Egg Genetics

10 Classroom Technology Policies That Work

WeAreTeachers: 10 Classroom Technology Policies That Work

You've got to watch and show to your class! Reducing test anxiety one cheesy music video at a time.

Levels of the government chart and more. Great visuals. Site is written with 5th grade in mind but good ideas for our 3rd grade expedition.

Found an amazing article about building self-esteem: Ten Activities to Improve Students' Self-Confidence

Apps for behavior management and intervention

Exclusive Blog Follower Freebie! Ecology Energy Pyramid for Interactive Notebooks

Kate's Science Classroom Cafe: Exclusive Blog Follower Freebie!

40 STEM (science, tech, engineering, math) apps for kids.

Ecosystems Science Interactive Notebook Pages - topics include abiotic & biotic factors, biodiversity, biomes, natural selection, selective breeding, parasite, host, niche, ecosystems, predator, prey, consumer, producer, decomposer, food chains, food webs, levels of organization & more

Ecosystems Interactive Notebook Pages - Food Chains, Food Webs, Biomes & more

guided reading

Guided Reading "Snapshot" Assessment

BookBub alerts you to limited-time free and discounted ebooks matching your interests. Go to

BookBub: Free Ebooks - Great deals on bestsellers you'll love

Boy Mama Teacher Mama: Books about Fractions

Book Mama: Books about Fractions - Boy Mama Teacher Mama

Jungian Archetypes in Fiction

Getting Started with Google Classroom - YouTube

Neat! This could be good for class!

Free Obituaries On-Line

Cool classroom idea to reward students for bringing back homework

Monarch Madness: Homeworkopoly


End of Year Yearbook - Keep your students busy during the last days of school. Click to see all the pages in this fun & pretty yearbook...

End of Year Yearbook - TreeTopSecret Education

Scientist of the Month - The Teacher Garden

Follow The Teacher Garden

data wall

Goals, Progress Tracking And Achievement Bulletin Boards and Classroom Ideas |