blush pink + deep greens

Boa, Sixties and Zoulou are intense greens that bring out the personality of every room. Feminine and contemporary all in one. Ballerina and Diva create an intimate mood in an elegant and refined decorative style. green and pink interior home decor

gorgeous purple bird


This incredibly beautiful creature is a Taiwan Blue Magpie (Urocissa caerulea), also called the Taiwan Magpie or Formosan Blue Magpie, which is a member of the Crow family. It is considered a rare and valuable species and has been protected by Taiwan’.

honeycomb Giftpack Pastel

Monday Merriment Infusing grandeur into otherwise drab Monday mornings with five things/ideas/events for the week: I. My latest party store discovery, Luna Bazaar, offers these whimsical honeycomb.

Gorgeous colors!

Photograph of the Day: Colorful Birds

Colour palette Bee-Eaters (such an odd name for such a beautiful bird.) They swoop the bees on the wing. From Europe and Africa.


Such a beautiful sight.summer blue and white stripes, bright yellow lemons and an old enamel bowl, ahhh!

Accent wall

Don't be afraid of pink for the dressing room or behind the kids workstation. Soft pink walls and a gorgeous light fixture. Sherwin Williams White Dogwood is an antique light pink.

Neon Pom Pom Trio Necklace - bright colorblock pompoms in mustard yellow, pink and peach - Spring Fashion.   FableAndLore, via Etsy.

Neon Pom Pom Trio Necklace / Bright colorblock pompoms in mustard yellow, pink, peach / Summer Fashion