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Merlin BBC and SyFy


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Sure. Fun. Right.

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I never meant it

Thank you

Cause I'm not done being a masochist. *Merlin Feels*

Bbc Merlin, Myths Magic Merlin, Heroes Journey, Bbc Ruins, 3Merlin 3, Merlin Bbc


...and he doesn't even know.

i'm your secondhand smoke

Without you, Emrys...

Wow. He grew up!

love it.

I am who I am...

this part always makes me laugh

What happened to the young boy who came into my chambers just a few years ago?

such a sad scene


I have many talents. You’ve failed to notice them, that’s all.

Arthur - Merlin Series 5

#Merlin Series 5

Mental affliction - probably

Long Live the King!

Um, Arthur, you've got a little something on your face...

Arthur, Uther, Merlin, Gwen and Morgana

Merlin to Make First Comic-Con Appearance

Merlin and Knights

Gwaine, 'nuff said

Dragoon the Great

why we love merlin