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Stan Lee Appearances In Marvel Movies <--- They forgot the appearance in Avengers!<---- Ah, ah, ah, he is on where the tv is on the news about New York being saved by the avengers.

Stan Lee in Marvel films. He has the right idea. If I made it this big doing superhero stuff I would want a cameo in all of the movies, too. - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

Stan Lee

If there’s a Marvel movie in theaters, you can bet on a cameo from Stan Lee. As one of the primary writers of the Marvel Universe’s classic Silver Age titles,

Jim Henson & the creatures from The Dark Crystal

Jim Henson & creatures from "The Dark Crystal" This movie used to scare the crap out of me

Thomas Jefferson, statesman, inventor, founding Father

Cher is back on the charts with ‘Woman’s World’

Thomas Jefferson -- Founding Father of the United States of America. Author of the Declaration of Independence, Member of the U. Congress, Governor of Virginia, U. Secretary of State and third president of America.

Albert Einstein

"Debunking Fake Albert Einstein Quotes" takes all those nifty quotes that are supposedly said by Albert Einstein and takes them to task by examining their source, provided they have one.

Great theologian and world peace maker

To close out Time Magazine designated Pope Francis at their Person of the Year. It’s not the first time the magazine has chosen a Pope: the first was for For that year, Pope John XXIII was chosen.