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Special Needs, Blogs

As special needs parents we each empathize and learn from each other. This board is intended to be a collection of blogs dedicated to the special needs individuals in our lives. If you would like to add your blog or contribute to this board simply comment and request on my own recent pins to this board. I look forward to seeing your wonderful blogs added here.

Special Needs, Blogs

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Why I Beg Parents Not to Say This to Kids Who Cry

When your toddler has no filter! A mom's experience of how her toddler tries to mortify her!

Flavors, smells and textures can enhance color lessons for children who are blind. Find out how to talk and learn about colors in the kitchen!

Kicking My Anxiety in the Rear with L-Theanine (oh and it's great for PMS Psychosis too!) | Holyjeans & My Favorite Things

The Inclusive Class: Index of Articles

6 Outdoor Activities for Children With Autism

Toy Like Me campaign - The toy industry shuts out children with disabilities. We want to change that - www.cosmopolitan....

Connecting One Piece at a Time: It's a Wrap!

Make speech FUN for kids, and they will enjoy learning and improving!

One extremely important use for the advancing 3D printing technology is within the medical field, and more specifically in the field of vision. Check out all the cool new medical advances being produced with 3D printers!

The Joki hanging crow’s nest hammock swing is the perfect refuge for children. It offers relaxation and stimulates imagination.

Prom inclusion; Removing the Stumbling Block

Sensory Triggers. What is sensory processing disorder. What causes sensory overload. Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources

No One Ever Told Me... Blog about a parents journey with special needs child.

28 Things Nobody Tells You About Having A Kid With ADHD - this really is a great article for parents

The Inclusive Class: 5 Things Parents Need to Know About Inclusive Education

The Inclusive Class: Arranging a Classroom to Create an Inclusive Learning Environment