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As special needs parents we each empathize and learn from each other. This board is intended to be a collection of blogs dedicated to the special needs individuals in our lives. If you would like to add your blog or contribute to this board simply comment and request on my own recent pins to this board. I look forward to seeing your wonderful blogs added here.

Special Needs, Blogs

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Connecting One Piece at a Time: Advocating: Harder or Smarter?

As my kids start their year off in a brand-new school, I decided to write a letter to my ADHD child's teacher to give her insight and open a dialogue.

UK - United Nations launches investigation into 'grave' violations of disabled people's human rights over welfare reforms. General view of the Springburn jobcentre for a story on benefit cuts. 26/08/15 (Photo by Kirsty Anderson/Herald & Times) - KA (36968212)

Silberman traces in exquisite and engaging detail a narrative that is as much about how we treat each other as it is about autism. www.theguardian.c...

Emma Brockes on a moving & thorough examination of parental love & acceptance. Horizontal traits in a child are foreign to the parents, either inherent, like a physical disability, or acquired, like criminality. "Horizontal ones are often treated as flaws." Chapters follow on families coping with autism, dwarfism, schizophrenia, Down's syndrome, disability, deafness, child prodigy, transgender issues, criminality and children born of rape.....

The man who wants us to embrace autism Fifteen years ago, when Steve Silberman broke the story of Silicon Valley’s autism ‘epidemic’, he saw it as a problem. Now he’s changed his mind and has published a book about understanding and accepting autism spectrum disorders. www.forbes.com/...

Toilet training a child with special needs is difficult enough... have you tackled public bathrooms yet?

Teen Mental Illness - The National Institute of Mental Health reports that about 11 percent of adolescents have a depressive disorder by age 18.

Study linking high childhood IQ with bipolar traits later in life suggests that mood disorders may be the genetic price we pay for intelligence and creativity

Paleo Perfection in 10 Simple Steps #Paleo #Autoimmune

My Aspergers Child: Rage-Control for Children on the Autism Spectrum: Advice for Parents and Teachers

Video: Teach your Toddler how to Avoid being Sexually Abused

Connecting One Piece at a Time: First Day of School, Done!

Searching blood for fragments of cancer can find tumours that have come back months before symptoms appear, a study shows.

Confessions of a child therapist: A series of articles on a child therapist's personal struggles with parenting

We could learn a lot about inclusion from a box of crayons, Removing the Stumbling Block

Clearing a path for inclusion, Removing the Stumbling Block


DIY Sensory Gel Pad | As a wife and stay-at-home mother of two special needs children, I’m always looking for ways to save money while still providing my children with all the tools they need to learn and be happy. Both of my sons have sensory processing issues so we do a lot of sensory play and crafts in our home. This was a nice idea and a great activity for them to help me make as well!

UW Courts Students With Disabilities To Engineering Field With New MakerSpaces - Kat Steele, center, speaks to a group of students with disabilities on a tour of the University of Washington's CoMotion MakerSpace.

A Whole Foods Diet in 10 Simple Steps #healingwithfood

12 Tips for Children With Feeding Disorders | Tips for other moms and dads who may be struggling with children who also have feeding disorders or maybe are just plain picky!

The Inclusive Class: How Parents & Teachers Can Work Together in the Inclusive Classroom

Connecting One Piece at a Time: Top 10 List for Transitioning to School