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As special needs parents we each empathize and learn from each other. This board is intended to be a collection of blogs dedicated to our the special needs individuals in our lives. If you would like to add your blog or contribute to this board simply comment and request on my own recent pins to this board. I look forward to seeing your wonderful blogs added here.

We Are Like Your Child: Night-blooming Flowers: Sudden skill acquisition and extreme context-dependence

How to Make Your Classroom INCLUSIVE Today! FREE checklist to download!

How to Make Your Classroom INCLUSIVE Today: The First 15 Minutes

Will he or won't he do an activity? It's the question we often live by. This weekend, he did!

How family and friends can help when a child or loved one is in the hospital. It's tricky, but doable!

Welcome back to our blog, special needs lovers!

The Best Places to Travel for Wheelchair Users

Just when Judy’s grandparents, Gerri and John Mikelski, should start to wind down and ease into retirement, they are now raising a disabled child. They would like Judy to become as independent as she can and they think a dog would help her socialise and keep her safe.

A Mother Filmed Her Daughter Running Through The Yard. Seems Normal, Right? It's Not. This is such a great story

It is so important to remember that when you have learned how one person thinks and feels, you have learned how one person thinks and feels.

Lesson's From Riley: Things I do for my son that I wish I would learn… (and what he teaches me)

Teaching Our Kids the Value of Silence. Our children are not better off. They ingest the second-hand stress their parents project, and are burdened with full schedules of their own. “Chronically stressed children are at risk of long-term cognitive damage, because their brains are not yet fully developed. Stress can also lead to health problems later in life including alcoholism, depression, eating disorders, heart disease, and other chronic diseases. Stress reduction is essential....

Loving a Child with Mental Illness - She says "Almost immediately after he was born, we realized my son was a very challenging baby. (more on blog) The damage done to a family (especially his sister) while raising and loving a child with such complicated and chronic issues is unfortunate. Living in such a high stress, chaotic atmosphere affects everyone. We do not survive day by day, but minute by minute.

Solve sleep issues with this easy and all natural solution. Great for ADHD symptoms too.

Connecting One Piece at a Time: Steps to Making Goals a Reality How to put action steps together once you have goals for your children written!

The UK Gov’t needs to provide a #FairShare4MentalHealth funding. Sign @Mindi Darr King petition today.

I know my daughter hates bra shopping (still) so this may be a solution for some Mums amongst you. Megan Grassell, 18-year-old high school senior, is the founder of Yellowberry, an underwear company that’s making wholesome, age-appropriate bras for girls aged 11-15. That’s the sort of thing Megan couldn’t find a year ago when she took her kid sister Mary Margaret, then 13, shopping for her first bra. You can buy online and she's hoping to expand into underwear.

#MariaMenounos spotted in our #Visionary #Bracelet on the set of #ExtraTV! Are you rocking yours? All net proceeds benefit the #HollyRodFoun...

Parent’s Corner: When Special Needs Moms Know Better Than the Experts Do - pinned by @PediaStaff – Please Visit for all our pediatric therapy pins

On knowing when to NOT be that #special needs mama warrior

ADHD Women: Female Leaders With Adult ADD/ADHD

ADHD According to Zoe - ADHD: What Are We Good At? 5 Steps to Find Out. Try yoga, meditation, an accountability partner, and having a 'good enough' goal

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