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Swifty Scooters

Swifty Scooters

Swifty Scooters

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Infographic: Swifty Zero Features

COLOUR OF THE MONTH Metallic orange and black SwiftyAIR, APRIL 2015 ONLY!

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SwiftyONE Matt Black | Adult Scooter | Kick Scooter - Swifty Scooters

SwiftyONE - Matt Black

Matti spinning! What do you call this one @mattihemmings? @thebikeexpo @swiftyair

Another great pic of @mattihemmings @swiftyAIR set up for #flatland @thebikeexpo @theswimbikeruntriexpo

We love @mattihemmings ! @thebikeexpo #manchester riding #SwiftyAIR #green #scooter #flatland

Swifty-Scooters-SwiftyONE-Sophia, nice folding adult scooter!

Safety Tips For Your Adventure Scoot Commute


Safety Tips For Your Adventure Scoot Commute


Safety Tips For Your Adventure Scoot Commute

Adventure time! winter scoot on SwiftyONE

Swifty AIR logo t-shirt £20 back in stock!

SwiftyAIR Logo T-Shirt

New D-Locks for your Swifty from HipLok Weight: 1000g Rating: Sold Secure Silver Award Specification: 13mm hardened steel shackle, hardened steel body casing, tough nylon outer shell Size: 13.5cm x 7cm internal area fits SwiftyONE, SwiftyAIR, SwiftyZERO Keys: 3 keys with coded key replacement program

Swifty Snowflake.

SwiftyAIR filming in Liverpool.

Girls can do it too! #likeagirl - Swifty Scooters illo by Karlie McCulloch

Maintenance and Assembly Information - Swifty Scooters

Best folding kick scooter for adults! SwiftyONE, folds slim. Designed and engineered in Britain.

  • Dave Graham
    Dave Graham

    They do look like a lot of fun & practical for commuting to/from the train station. Very tempting!

  • Swifty Scooters
    Swifty Scooters

    They are even more fun than they look! thanks for the feedback!

Founders and owners of Swifty Scooters, Camilla and Jason Iftakhar

A quick look at the Swifty History - Swifty Scooters

Leon Coleman SwiftyAIR team rider

testimonials and photos from Swifty lovers

Em Bell adventure girl! loving her SwiftyONE. www.swiftyscooter...

testimonials and photos from Swifty lovers

Dave Cornthwaite, adventurer, with his SwiftyONE! www.swiftyscooter...

testimonials and photos from Swifty lovers

Kirstie Alsopp on her SwiftyONE! www.swiftyscooter...

Kirsties Vintage Home

beautiful #swiftyZERO featuring @sophiasparrow_ and @nadinooclothing

SwiftyONE folding scooter in Silver at www.swiftyscooter...

SwiftyONE Matt Black - Ride | Roll | Fold - Swifty Scooters

SwiftyONE - Matt Black

SWIFTYONE, best folding adult scooter! Folding aluminium frame. Slim profile and can be rolled on its front wheel when folded, ideal for storage and to take onto public transport. 16inch (305mm) pneumatic wheels makes a smooth and surprisingly fast ride. Tektro front calliper brake and new integrated rear brake. Size when unfolded: Length 1360mm, Width 158mm (excluding handle bar width 520mm) Height 820-1000mm. Size when folded: Length 1035mm, Width 158mm, Height 620mm.

SwiftyONE - Silver