This comment! Oh my word!! I think it's a comfort thing. When I was little, I was convinced that my cousin's ceiling fan shadow was a witch coming to pull off my nose. Ever since then, the fear is gone, but my blanket is up over my nose.

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PP gave me a card like this one year for my birthday when I was taking care of Pop and never got out. I still have that card. It reminds me. To all of you caregivers out there: YOU HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF BEFORE YOU CAN DO ANYTHING FOR ANYONE ELSE,,


...therefore i chose to forgive, forgiveness is freedom and vengeance belongs to God! Dear friends, never take revenge. Leave that to the righteous anger of God. For the Scriptures say, "I will take revenge; I will pay them back," says the LORD. Romans

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I'm always disappointed when ... Tune in to watch the ultimate bitchy boss, Diana. From the creator of Sex and The City, 'Younger' stars Sutton Foster, Hilary Duff, Debi Mazar, Miriam Shor and Nico Tortorella. Discover full episodes at

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