Vegetables You Can Grow in The Shade.../

Vegetables You Can Grow in The Shade - a good rule of thumb is if you grow a plant for the fruit or the root, it needs full sun. If you grow it for the leaves, stems, or buds, a little shade will be just fine. This may be good to know for our garden ☺️

Angelonia -It's easy to grow and flowers profusely (AND IT'S PURPLE!) great plant for our dry spells and heat. Not fussy about soil either. Butterflies love it!

Love the color of this flower. Adding to my flower garden this year! Angelonia -It’s easy to grow and flowers profusely, great plant for our dry spells and heat. Not fussy about soil either. Butterflies love it! @ Home Improvement Ideas

Stunning EverLast dianthus blooms all season long. More new perennials:

Must-Grow New Perennials for 2013

EverLast series features double dianthus in several colors: White, Burgundy Blush, Lavender, Lilac, and Orchid. Name: Dianthus EverLast Series Growing Conditions: Full sun Size: To 12 inches tall and 14 inches wide Zones: Grow It With: Lambs'-ears

Terra Cotta Pot Flower Tower with Annuals

Terra Cotta Pot Flower Tower with Annuals! I really want to do this to add to the front porch. Great base idea can always change the flowers u put in and or paint the pots to spice it up!

We love this gorgeous climbing clematis! More perennial vines for your garden:

The Best Perennial Vines for Your Garden

Clematis varieties that bloom in spring Clematis alpina or fall C. Clematis bloom in virtually every color There are evergreen varieties C. armandii for mild-winter climates. Climbs feet, depending on type Zones depending on type

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Infographic: A Vegetable Growing Cheat Sheet #infographic

A Vegetable Growing Cheat Sheet #infographic

A Vegetable Growing Cheat Sheet Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the How To category. Check out A Vegetable Growing Cheat Sheet now!

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Repurposed Potting Bench

This handy little chart lets you know when to start seeds indoors as well as when to plant outdoor. Five things you will need if youre planting seeds for the first time -- GazetteXtra

hostas. in planters. <--love. by lola

hostas in a pot! every spring they the pot! Add geraniums hostas in a pot, add ivy and shade annual and ivy

MOSQUITO REPELLING PLANTS Citronella, Lemon Eucalyptus, Cinnamon, Castor, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Cedar, Peppermint, Clove, Geranium, Verbena, Pennyroyal, Lavender, Basil, Thyme, and Garlic

A trio of mosquito repelling potted plants (citronella, aka West Indian lemongrass, catnip, & cascading geranium). Perfect for the back porch.

Flower Tower. I like the idea of the address on a large pot on the front porch -- not the tower idea.

20 Easy and Cheap DIY Ways to Enhance The Curb Appeal

Flower Tower with address number. Too pretty for words! Great idea for curb appeal. Make a plant tower and add your house number on the bottom pot :)

Mosquito repelling “Creeping Thyme” plant. It has citronella oil that makes it smell lemony. Put in planters on the patio. @ Do it Yourself Home Ideas @ DIY House Remodel

Mosquito Repelling Creeping Lemon Thyme Plant -The high citronella oil content of this hardy, easy-to-grow perennial plant is more potent than any other mosquito repellent plant tested. / Could be great for the deck.

Complete Guide to Vegetable Gardening

Growing plants and food can be so overwhelming, use this simple chart. Growing Vegetables Chart with info about watering, fertilizing, growing seeds.

from Cambridge Farms website in Milton, FL

DIY Compact Vegetable Garden Are you a little tight for space? Have you considered square foot gardening? With this project you can address both of these issues. For the original post and direction… - Vegetable Gardening

I will have a garden one day and this will be in it:)

D. Topsy-Turvy Planter & Birdfeeder: very cute and inexpensive. Could forget bird feeder and plant herbs