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大人女子必見!一人暮らしワンルームレイアウト事例集 | SCRAP - Part 2

If you have a small bedroom which needs decorating, these small bedroom ideas will give you some great inspiration! After publishing small apartment ideas, we decided to find some practical solutions for styling your small


small vanity - just needs a thin drawer underneath the counter top, and use a padded stool for seating instead of a chair (looks like you could trip over one of the chair legs right now)

カラーボックス(3段ラック・本棚)で作るドールハウスがラブリーすぎる♡ - NAVER まとめ

love these shelves,,, this gives me the idea to do this for the girls. each crate could be a different "room" and they can switch around the crates and make different style doll houses. as long as you have the pitched roof one! So cute!

toddler bedroom ideas

toddler bedroom ideas

可愛い子供部屋を作るには?真似してみたい海外の子供部屋を参考例☆ | folk

Redo playroom: indoor play"house"- I really like this idea because it takes up no more room than the table and chairs itself, could be put up in a weekend, and even gives you some added "wall space" for decorating or even hooks for some light storage