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CPL Animal Store. Difficulty With Training Your Dog? Try These Wonderful Ideas. Canine training can be a great thing for you and your dog. The dog can exhibit much better behavior, and your ownership skills will improve tremendously. T

Aww of the Day: This Winking Dog Kissing This Cute Baby - We round up the best funny pictures on the interent.

This sweet heart is the sister to Spencer and Gracie. Her name is Lily and her foster parents here at Animal Saviors brag about her sweetness and like any other Golden is Loyal and will make a great companion to whoever is her lifelong owner.


When we talk about personal care and grooming, nail care is important for a great personality. A nail spa sounds like very posh and expensive salon treatment.

Positive Word of the Year: Hustle. I will increase my hustle this year in order for me to work smarter and healthier. Telling myself to hustle will help me to be more productive and to be less dependent on others.