Black and White

Black Cherries with Golden Tails Pattern by Georgiana Paraschiv / black and white, print, food design

black and white

The combination of the black and white helped to completely set the circus apart from the outside world. The specific color scheme made the circus seem much more magnificent and majestic while also staying secretive and deceptive.

steve jobs--R.I.P.

Thanks, Steve: Apple Logo Turned Into Touching Tribute to Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs 1955 – 2011 Tribute logo by Jonathan Mak, a Hong Kong Polytechnic University student.

bw + stripes

Bright and Bold Stripes

As we've reported, there's Project Runway stripes and there's Design Star stripes. But then there's Elle Decor stripes—masterfully curated in the Sept.


Go ahead and mix those black and white patterned dishes for a more sophisticated look.

Fabulous lamp for a sewing room.

How cute would this measuring tape lamp look over a sewing table? It could also be a cute light fixture to hang in a kids' room.