Funny Animal Picture Dump Of The Day 24 Pics - Lol! This picture is priceless!

if that aint my level of chaotic neutral, idk what is. No weed tho, just looottss of faygo and little sleep.

And the "ei" sounds different in every word. How anyone learns English later in life is amazing!

I'm totally okay with this

I'm totally okay with this<<<<nooooo democracyyyy is we just need to rethink who we have in charge<<< nah I’m good with being

I needed to read this lol I want to strive to be that dairy Queen employee


36 Things To Make You Laugh So Hard

This is the compilation of top 36 things to make you laugh so hard you cry. The pictures and quotes are hilarious.

when bored, i go to porn sites & write in the comments area "Why r u doing this? Your father & I are heartbroken.

The 167 Funniest Tweets Of All Time

Oh well...*slams button*

What a travesty. ~pushes button repeatedly~ I was soooo wanting to play in college. ~slams button with fist~

this would be me if i had a therapist but my mom doesn’t take my problems very seriously so i’ll just sit here and internally scream and contemplate attempting suicide again