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For decades, experts have delved deep into the science of crying - why we cry, and perhaps more importantly, the physiological result .

Citation de Cabu, le 12 décembre 2014, sur la RTBF. SIPA

"We are not carrying messages we are only clowns and drawing acrobats" Cabu, one of the French journalists assassinated in Paris by terrorists at " Charlie Hebdo" one of the most beloved caricaturist newspaper in France

Hommage à Charlie Hebdo par le dessinateur FP, Libération. 7 au 9 janvier 2015.

Ça crayonne dur pour Charlie

Hommage à Charlie Hebdo par le dessinateur FP, Libération. 7 au 9 janvier 2015.


Charlie Hebdo: French Satire Magazine's Shocking Covers (Photos) - The Daily Beast

Charlie Hebdo changed its website to read 'Je suis Charlie,' then posted the defiant slogan in different languages after the phrase spread around the world.

'Je suis Charlie' ('I am Charlie') trends post terror attack

After the attack on the French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo, social media users around the world are proclaiming “Je suis Charlie.


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C'est finalement à 5 millions d'exemplaires que sera tiré Charlie Hebdo

Les dessinateurs béarnais rendent hommage aux victimes de Charlie Hebdo - #jesuischarlie #charliehebdo

Charlie Hebdo cartoon tribute – Two days after France and the World, were mortified by the shooting carried out at the Paris office of Satirical magazine.


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WOLINSKI’s quote ‘I'm an asshole, but when I see that intelligent men have made with the world . on

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