Textured bangles in polymer clay by Sona Grigoryan.

Organic textured bangle bracelets made from polymer clay by Sona Grigoryan. Wonderful colors and textures.

I'd like this better plain...

Diamond Porcelain ring with imprinted text Size 7 by BeaHustoft from BeaHustoft on Etsy


pencil-brooch Could do this for art d product, brooch for workers who work at the exhibition so you can identify them

Vintage Swedish pottery, set in silver.

rings, reclaimed vintage swedish pottery shards - plumo LOVE the leaf ring

Diamond cast in clear resin, by jewellery designer Ted Noten in collaboration with Joost Lyppens.

diamonds cast in clear acrylic, Ted Noten collaborating with Joost Lyppens.

I want! id die if this was my wedding ring. Textured twig stacking ring with three daisies, accented with diamonds ctw). Flowers are asymmetrically spaced so that 1 is always facing the top white gold

Pomegranate Pendant - Natalia Moroz.

Bronze, silver, and garnet pomegranate necklace from WingedLion on Etsy. I love eating pomegranates, Idk about wearing them. This is super neat though.

Holly Masterson Antler, Coin Adornment » Jewelry » Pendants » Santa Fe Dry Goods

A "talisman" pendant created using the rocks, bits and pieces of "junk" your child always seems to collect - Holly Masterson Antler, Coin Adornment


Vintage silver fish charms love my articulated fish pendant necklace that I got from my gran many years ago