Milestone #2 Early Years

Prenatal thru Early Childhood: Resources that will support and encourage parents of young children. [The age of discovery & security]
40 Pins

10 Ways to Teach your Children to be Problem Solvers

Teaching Children Healthy Sexuality

Motivating Your Kids From Crayons to Career


Fun activity for learning order of the books of the Bible

Teach Me to Serve: 99 Ways Preschoolers Can Learn to Serve and Bless Others

Parents as Teachers (go to Resources - Locations)

Sharing PAT conference discoveries: favorite children's books, websites, resources, and toys ~ Creative Connections for Kids

Scriptural Encouragement for Preparing & Giving Birth

The importance of praying parents.

Praying for Your Children (

Praying for Your Children from Scripture

How Reading Aloud Made Me A Better Father

How to Choose the Obstetrician that is Right for You and Your Pregnancy

Raising Kids Who Can Protect Themselves

Christian Preschool Curriculum - Which Is Right For You?

What to Expect the First Year, Second Edition

Bible verses in pregnancy can be beneficial for relaxation and spiritual connection.

American Academy of Pediatrics - Television and other entertainment media should be avoided for infants and children under age 2. A child's brain develops rapidly during these first years, and young children learn best by interacting with people, not screens.

Helping Your Kids Deal with Anger, Fear, and Sadness

Twenty Tips for Teaching Children to Work

Ideas for Children in Church

52 Tips For Fathers

52 Tips For Fathers

Manners Really Do Matter