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Goddess: Hecate

Hecate is the Goddess I seem to be most drawn to.

Goddess: Hecate

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Offerings to Hecate

The Empusae were daughters of Hecate in Greek mythology, sent to harass the unwary traveller on lonely roads, Carl Schmidt-Helmbrechts

Lightbearer :)

Hecate...Queen of the Witches, by Syrylyn

Liz Corbett, Hecate, 2012

Hecate, detail, Moreaux

Signed Hecate art print 55x7 by The Still Wood on Etsy.

Hekate: Wanderer of Tombs by ~Hellfurian-Guard on deviantART

Hekate: Wanderer of Tombs by Hellfurian-Guard on deviantART

Priestess of Hecate by Jo-Freyr.devianta...

Priestess of Hecate by Jo-Freyr on deviantART

Hekate Shrine at Good Mojo Tattoos.

hekate altar via Tumblr

Hekate / Hecate altar

Altar to Hekate, Queen of the Crossroads

Canberra Australia 2 April 2013 altar by Sophia GoldenEagle


Hail Kleidouchos! #hekate

Hecate’s Supper..At the new moon at evening the rich sent a meal to Hecate as an offering to the goddess of the crossroads. The poor showed up ravenous, ate the things and claimed that Hecate had devoured them . There is a variant tradition that there was no theft involved, but instead deliberate charity. It was usual for wealthy persons to leave a loaf of wheat bread for Hecate and for the poor to take these, as beggars live on sacred offerings. 'Plutus', by Aristopahnes

The Goddess Of The Crossroads and Her Raven...

Samhain Blessings


Witch Queen of the Crossroads, bearing the keys to the Mysteries, Hekate is a liminal goddess who stands at the boundaries and in transitional moments of life. Associated with root, herbal and poison magic, Hekate carries the torch of the Old Ways. This incredible HEKATE Liminal Rites talisman pendant contains select proprietary botanicals, gems and curios all sacred to Hekate (including Yew, European Mandrake, Garlic, Oak, Saffron, Mugwort, Myrrh and more).

Goddess Bracelet - Hecate, Hekate

The Hermit - Universal Goddess Tarot

Hekate = key

Tattoo Ideas Central

Hekate Apotropaia - As it is told in one oracle of Apollo about placing the image of Artemis with the same purpose: "She will ward off your sufferings and dismiss the man-destroying spells/poisons [pharmaka] of the plague, melting the wax-molded dolls by night with the flames of her firebearing torches, the evil tokens of the mage’s craft." Georgi Mishev

Georgi Mishev - Timeline Photos | Facebook

Summoning Hecate (Interesting!)