Tarhouni Syrine

Tarhouni Syrine

Tarhouni Syrine
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FASHION AND STYLE: Summer outfit

big pattern mini dress summer dress floral dress roses flowers red cardigan cardigan red heels cute dress silk dress red dress red white white dress short white red rose dress rose dress spring summer floral pretty red and white dress

Walk in bath.

a bathtub that is sunk into the floor! It's like a pool in your bathroom! Heaven in my bathroom. pretty sure I won't be having this in my house but a girl can dream.

repurposed dresser

4 ways to Upcycle your old dresser into a kitchen island. More ideas on how to turn dressers into islands for those of us with little to no counter space. I'm going to go on craigslist and buy a cheaper dresser to do this with.

Thumb tack and magnet with whatever you want to decorate with. |GENIUS!!!

Great idea for other decor! Fun way to decorate a little girls wall. put a thumb tack in your wall and glue a magnet onto a fake flower. Stick the flower onto the tack.

Copycat recipe for Burt's Bees lip balm, works out to just 12 cents a tube. (It to me to comments in a blog - scroll to the top if it does, recipe is there :-)

So easy to make your own Burt's Bees Lip Balm from home. Takes about 3 minutes to melt ingredients and pour into tubes/containers.

Rainbow Dash My Little Pony Costume sewing tutorial pattern

Rainbow Dash My Little Pony Costume Sewing Tutorial / Pattern Maybe just the hoodie - dunno about little one walking around with a cutie mark on her butt.