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Yeah cute until it rolls around in leaves and brings in dirt bugs and a dead squirrel.

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Maine Coon - "The dogs of the cat world" because most love people! Males weigh 35 pounds, females "only" Average cat is 10 pounds.

It's OK to look at the past.just as long as you don't stare.


🎤 The Autumn leaves , float by my window , the Autumn leaves la lala la 🎶

Fall Kitty

Cute British shorthair cat in a Fall Mood. Cute British shorthair cat in a Fall Mood.

So Pretty http://pewpaw.com/?p=10296

"People that hate cats will come back as mice in their next lives." --Faith Resnick ---------------------or maybe-------------------- People who hate cats were once mice in a previous life. Now, that explains a lot!