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How to make gift bags out of wrapping paper

DIY gift bags out of wrapping paper - see link for excellent tutorial & pics. supplies you will need: Wrapping paper (heavy duty for a more durable bag), Scissors, Glue, Embellishments. The steps: Cut your wrapping paper by by see link for the rest

How to make Torn Fabric Brooch - DIY Craft Project with instructions from Craftbits.com

This tutorial shows you how to make your own torn fabric brooches using recycled or new fabrics for a fun funky DIY fashion piece.

Easy Peasy Summer Skirt

Jackson Here's some little sewing patterns so you can get all practiced up!Caylyn will be a size 4 pretty soon. lol Sewing Patterns for Girls Dresses and Skirts: Easy Peasy Summer Skirt (Free Sewing Pattern), 2 to 10 Years