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Western Europe; Frankish Date about 450-650

49 Beads | Corning Museum of Glass

Ancient...12th century??? Russian finds, Viking settlement along Black Sea. THEY LOOK LIKE BLACKBERRIES--SQUEE!

All sizes | Finnish National Museum |

Glass Beads, Viking Age, Gotland, Sweden, Detail

Iron age celtic glass beads

Bridgeman Images

Staraya Ladoga, Russia

goldener Fingering, Glasperlen römische Eisenzeit ca. 250-300 n. Chr. Buskerud, NO / Gold Ring, Glass Beads, Roman Iron Age, Buskerud, Norway

Föremål 108086. SHM 32459:4. 56 glass beads, grave find, Garde cemetary, Gotland. More finds, see:

Visa föremål | Sök i samlingarna | Historiska museet

Rus timeline of beads SCA

Anglo-Saxon woman (grave no. 27) at Wheatley in Oxfordshire. In total 61 amber beads, 2 blue glass beads, a cube shaped bead, a flattish bead with a wavy white strip, several cylindrical beads of pale transparent glass made to look like several smaller beads together and a bead made from a piece of bone or ivory. Also several objects used as pendants: two small perforated Roman coins, from the Emperor Constantius II (AD337-360), two wolves or dogs canine teeth and a small boars tusk.

Beads. Viking. Glass, rock crystal and carnelian. The beads are from a cremation context. This has turned the carnelian beads “bone white”. Grave find, Björkö, Adelsö, Uppland, Sweden. SHM 34000:Bj 39b

Article about find of royal Viking city of Silasthorp, c 700-1000 CE "Using geophysical tools, the archaeologists discovered pots and rocks hidden in the soil. But the tools were unable to detect the many beautiful glass beads, so they were a pleasant surprise to the archaeologists when they started digging. (Photo: University of Aarhus)"

Anglo-Saxon Archaeology: West Stowe

Beads from Viking Age York (YAT Photographic Archive Ref: 003283)

Watercolour of bead sets from the Anglo-Saxon cemetery of Sarre, Kent.

Beads. Glass and gold. Viking. The glass beads were part of a set which included three golden beads. 3 gold foil, 9 red, 4 yellow, 3 blue, 3 green, 27 multi-colored. Hoard find, Petes, Linde, Gotland, Sweden. SHM 13441:1–3. In the Historiska Museet in Stockholm.

Medieval glass beads in the Novgorod Archaeological Museum, Russia.

23 beads, glass and amber, Gotland, Sweden. 23 hela pärlor av glas och bernsten, Gotland, Sverige.

Anglo-Saxon glass and amber beads from Portway, Andover

Beads! 12th-13th C. Russian

Glass beads from Larvik, Vestfold, Norway. No discovery information available. Dated to about the mid-10th century C.E. In the Telemark Museum.

Beads. East Slavic (early Rus). - State Historical Museum, Moscow

Detail of bead pendant from the Hon Hoard, Norway. Source: The Viking, by Bertil Almgren 1976.

Beads from Vallstena parish, Gotland. At Fornsalen, Visby. www.gotlandsmuseu...

Historiska världars forum • Visa tråd - "vikingahalsband"

In this context, perhaps the most interesting glasswork produced by the Celts were the ‘Face/Head Beads’ (Fig. 2) These have been found at a number of Celtic burials and other sites from central (Germany, Switzerland etc.) and eastern Europe (Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria etc.) (7).