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Stop and Start

"Ways to create a better life." I LOVE this life. It is simple, yet absolutely on point with how you can create a better life for yourself.

How True!

The Success Indicator : successful vs unsuccessful people

True the mistake is not even a mistake until it get repeated

Never. Quite possibly, this is the cruelest thing that you could do to someone. Particularly when you don't understand it or only know part of the truth (at best), anyway. Let people live; let people learn. (Those are not my words but well said.

Islamic quote

I love Umar Ibn Al-Khattab ra (and all the companions of the beloved Prophet Muhammad saws) so so much it's amazing, can't wait to meet them in Jannah


Ya Allah save our hearts

Subhanallah! I just learned something new about Islam today. :)

Read namaz before namaz is read to you.

YA ALLAH, thank you for today, yesterday, and tomorrow. My family, my joys, my sorrows. For all that made me stronger

Best dhikr after Salah every Muslim should practice, please share and get good deeds.

dua while studying something difficult

Read this. Surely Allah will accept your dua and help you ❤️

Dua for forgiveness.

Dua for forgiveness Ya rab.

Dua asking for health

Dua (supplication) for health