Aoki, Tetsuo.

by tetsuo aoki. scroll up and down quickly and watch the hands dance - Por Tetsuo Aoki.

Irma Cerese

Irma Cerese post impressionist style modern art oil painting spring landscape good inspiration for contemporary paintings in oil , acrylic or watercolour of trees and fields

cecilia levy

A lovely, papery, tea-cuppy way to ring in This is the gorgeous work of Swedish artist Cecilia Levy.

Paper Sculpture by Calvin Nichols

Calvin Nicholls’ paper animals

Calvin Nicholls is a Canadian artist, creating stunning paper sculptures. He has been creating his paper sculptures since 1986 and is now a master of the art. The artist finds his inspiration while en

Wired sculpture #art #sculpture pls visit us > ♡

I like the tension between the natural form of the horse and the mechanistic medium of the pipes. "copper pipe sculpture by Annawili Highfield