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the door is open and there is a floor mop in front of it that says, my roommate set up his new dork knocker
Funny Pictures Of The Day - 34 Pics
Funny Pictures Of The Day – 34 Pics
a man holding an acoustic guitar with the caption hey baby, are you a major scale? because you look all natural to me
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a white laundry basket with holes on the bottom and an advertise for it
Ever wonder where guitar picks come from?
an image of two guitars with cartoon faces and the caption that says, what do you think about this guitar?
The unfair life of guitarists
The Unfair Life of Guitarists. Real guitar players vs. justin bieber
two pictures with the words, i'm glad i grew up doing this instead of this
Well, being a 90s kid has its perks. - Funny
I’m just now starting to get callouses on my fingers, but I wouldn’t trade it for a pack of finger crocs.
#wtf #humor #music
#wtf #humor #music
an advertisement with various items that include guitars, amps and other electronic equipment for sale
an info sheet describing how to use the correct way for your neck and upper back
Strap Length
a comic strip about coffee being served to someone
an animated image of a man holding his hands up in the air and saying, am / n - am
Perfect Pedalboard feedback
a man standing on top of a stage next to an old computer case with the word fail in front of it
Amplifier Fail
the simpsons characters are standing in front of computers and recording equipment, with caption that reads frente doros