Stacie Yavorcik

Stacie Yavorcik

Stacie Yavorcik
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More accuracy, less effort. Choose a readout—fractions, decimals, metrics. Then store results, convert measurements, and even calculate midpoints.

Never confuse a measurement again with the digital tape measure. After 100 years of few improvements, the tape measure has now gone digital.

iFixit empowers you to repair (even though tech companies don't want you to). These tools, plus iFixit's online manuals, are all you need.

This universal bit driver kit, discovered by The Grommet, provides you with the tools you need to fix your electronics, not toss them away.

No more hassle using your extension cords. This mountable reel keeps them tidy and makes them easy to use. It has a built-in surge protector, too.

Combat unruly extension cords with this extension cord reel. It keeps cords neatly wrapped up, and it helps streamline tangles thanks to four built-in sockets.

Wooden Shoe Designs: Beer Cap Trap Shapes

Beer Cap Trap creates laser-cut wooden wall maps made to display the caps of your favorite local brews. An eye-catching, American-made gift for craft beer lovers and anyone who likes to "drink local." Available in the shape of each U.