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Macaron ice cream sandwiches found various places in South Korea. Wow that's what I call an ice cream sandwich!


Gwangjang Market in Seoul -

I want to go to Seoul so badly, and then go to Hongdae where I can visit the infamous playground in Mary Stayed Out All Night! Who knows? Maybe I'll also meet the lead singer of an indie rock band ;)

Spicy #tteokbokki and #twigim, best consumed standing on a busy street. #streetfood #koreanfood #seoul #korea

Pojangmachas, or street food tents, offer up a truly unique Korean dining experience. Here, you can pull up a plastic chair and watch the streets of Seoul pass by you by as you fill up on good, cheap food like tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes) and odeng (fish cakes on a stick). This is one thing that I want to do!