Tahlia Lillian

Tahlia Lillian

Tahlia Lillian
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find the time to read smell the flowers paint your dreams have coffee with a friend learn a new craft write a letter bake a surprise cake go somewhere special REALLY be with the person you love even to do nothing for a while.

Even from just the sound of your voice on the phone in the morning or late at night......you rock my world Eva.

Everyday I wake up, I consider myself the luckiest girl because you choose me ! And I'm falling more and more in love with you everyday even tho we're apart ! Distance means nadaaaaaa when ur in love and I love you !

Ok so the Fort/ Paper airplane one sounds like the things Joey and I do anyway.... and there are a couple I just would not do, "like the super hero one"! However I would totally dress up like a ghost if he would be my pacman!! :) I just dont think I could get him to Wocka wocka at people. LOL

Unusual Date Ideas that actually sound like a lot of fun. Maybe I could just do some of these with a friend, because one does not simply need a date to be awesome.

yeah buddy

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