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I wasn’t mad…

Just like saying "what's wrong?!" Justin kills me when he does this! Ugh! Even if I am mad, leave me alone for a few and I will be over it! lol

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BAH. I ALWAYS smile when people confront me seriously! I don't know why, but I ALWAYS do and I can't help it or stop it! And then they always think I'm lying, and I'm like "nooo! I'm nooooot! I have no control of my facial expressions!"

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Dr. Seuss’ words of wisdom…

  The book truly out done the movie with Mike Myers.  Nonetheless...this is a great quote from a man who wrote about half the books I read as a young child.  If only more books could be written with such great morals. Never stop reading the PRINTED word.

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Shouldn't it?

Welcome to the funniest post blog on tumblr. Reblog any of the contents you like and submit all of your funny posts. Promote your Tumblr! The funniest post is a blog that features hysterical happenings from all over the introweb and they're posted...